One month to go

Have you ever been in a situation where things seem too good to be true? Someone would pinch you and wake you up from your dream.

That what happened to me. I applied for a photography course in the beginning of this year. It’s in a school called Helsinki Design School. I wrote about it here. I still don’t believe I got in. Someone pinch me 😀

So it’s one more month until it starts. Feels like an eternity but a month goes quite fast. The feeling is between excitement and nervousness. Excitement because of the impression the school gives about themselves. I get to study photography a little deeper. I’ll meet new people and opportunities I usually wouldn’t get. Most importantly, get better at photography.

The nervous part is will I find the school when I first arrive to Helsinki. I’ve searched the address on Google Maps but will I find it, is a different matter. Even if I know the city and I’ve been there alone before, I still a bit worried. I wouldn’t want to get late on the first day.
Other concern is, will I get anything out of the course. I’ve been in a school before where they gave me hope but I didn’t get anywhere. I don’t want to waste an education on nonsense. I want real opportunities and not just hope. The school promises to be different from other schools but I’ll believe it when I see it. Some people might get new friends, contacts and so on. But maybe I won’t. I have hope now but what then when the real thing starts.

I shouldn’t worry too much. Maybe things won’t be the way I think they will. One thing I know, is that the school assignments won’t be a problem for me. I’ve done the Weekly Photo Challenge so they can’t be more difficult than that. I really hope the school are worth my money.

I’ll keep you updated. Watch this space.



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