Robbie Williams really delivered once again

Yesterday I went to my first ever live gig, Robbie Williams. If someone gives awesome delivery, it’s him. He’s Robbie “F@cking” Williams (his words) after all. I’ve only seen him live in the movie theatre. He’s always been a great entertainer. He’s just awesome and funny too. The atmosphere was great. People singing along and cheering as loud as they can. Finns really love him and it’s mutual. He was surprised people knew the words to ‘Love my life’ which is a new song. During that, people had red hearts or anything red in their hands. That was arranged by a Finnish radio station. Everyone should bring something red with them and show them during the song. He was really impressed about that. That was our surprise to him.

Songs that were played were e.g. Party like a Russia, Kids, Love my life (obviously) and Millenium. He paid tribute to George Michael by singing “Freedom” That was Robbie’s first single. I know the lyrics by heart so I sang along. Then there was “Angels” of course. It’s compulsory in his concert. It’s an amazing feeling hearing people singing along and the sea of lights in the audience. Beautiful.
One of the best things was when his father performed a song. His absolutely brilliant. We know where Robbie has got his performing talents. His dad is also a performer. He sang and told jokes on stage as well.
There was a little sing along when Robbie sang part of older hits from other artists. One of them was “Don’t you want me” by Human League. Even a song from his Take That years. The chorus to “Never forget” There’s a lot of clapping at the end of that song. He mentioned Bruce Springsteen and imitated him a bit. Apparently “The Boss” sings Robbie songs in the karaoke. Robbie is really good at rapping and the song “Rudebox” has it. I haven’t listened to that song in ages and it sounds even better live. It went straight to my heart.

Robbie has a great way of connecting with the audience. Flirting if you like. Maybe that’s one of the reasons girls want to get close to the stage. One young woman was picked up from the audience to sing with him. It’s was absolutely brilliant. She put on a mask where you could only see her eyes. Then they sang “Something stupid” but she wasn’t actually singing. I guess it was someone from the band. Only the mouth of the mask was moving. The voice was kind of deep which was the funny part. What a lucky lady she was. She got a kiss on her cheek and she took a selfie of them both. That sure was something she could remember the rest of her life. Another woman got his attention as well. She had sat on someone’s shoulders and he said “Maybe you’re that tall or you’re sitting on someone shoulders” He started to sing “She’s the one” to her.

After the encore, the last song was Frank Sinatra’s “My way” It was a perfect ending. This experience I’ll treasure the rest of my life. If I had the money I would go and see more of his concert. Even though I had to stand up almost the whole concert, it was all worth it. Who could sit still anyway? I’m usually shy when it comes to public gatherings but now I was like any other there. I didn’t dance but at least stomped and clapped besides the singing along. There were 30 500 people watching but yet getting out of the stadium went smooth. There were a lot of entrances so it helped a lot. This concert was the one I’ve had been waiting for and it’s definitely the best experience I’ve ever had. The weather was good too so it couldn’t have ended better.

Concert symptoms

When you get the concert ticket in the mail, you know the concert is happening for real.

That’s what I thought when I got the ticket to the Robbie Williams concert in Finland on August 10. It’s 4 months to that but I already got concert symptoms. I got the collector ticket so I feel like a VIP. I’ve never been to a real concert before so this one will be one of those, been there done that things. I’m really excited but also a worry how to get home. I haven’t really thought this through. I have to take the bus but I don’t know when the concert is over and how long it takes to get out of the stadium. I can’t afford a hotel either. Oh well, problems can always be solved. Besides, there’s still time to think about that.

I’ve seen Robbie in concert in the movie theatre so I know what a great performer he is. Now I’m actually gonna see him live for real. It’s not just him but also Erasure who’s the warm up band. So it’s to kill two birds with one stone. It’s gonna be a night to remember.

Should I OR..?

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From my Facebook feed

Like they say in The Clash song ‘Should I stay or should I go?’ That’s a question I ask myself a lot. I think long and hard before I decide anything. My thoughts are usually negative. I think about all the wrong things that could happen. I rather be careful than taking risks. Sometimes you should take a chance and that’s what I did. I took a chance. It’s still time until it happens so you never know if I get cold feet. I’m talking about Robbie Williams concert in Finland, August 10, 2017 that I’m gonna attend. I’m actually never been to a real concert. I have been on small ones with different artists performing but not to a concert with one only. I wished Duran Duran would have been my first but since that never came, Robbie is the second best.

Going to concerts are not cheap. I thought if I should go to this one or not but when the tickets got on sale today (Friday), I didn’t think twice. That’s an achievement for me. Not a thought of not going didn’t come to mind. I still don’t think so. I’m actually looking forward to it. I lost money but it’s all worth it. I saw Robbie’s concert in the movie theater once and I loved that one. Now I’m actually going to see him live for real. It feels like forever before it happens. I’m proud of myself for taking that chance. It’s liberating to have that kind of courage when you’re an introvert. Maybe I’ve grown as a person but it’s also because I’m older. I’ve got more confidence than before and I’m not as intimated by things I’m unfamiliar with. I still feel uncomfortable around big crowds but if I want to experience concerts and such, I need to get out of my comfort zone. If I think too much about what could happen, then it’s more difficult to do things. Attending this concert is a way to prove myself I can do it without feeling like a coward.

“Sorry I can’t come. I’m gonna go to a concert” is something I wish I could say at least for once and now I can. Or it depends what I do at the time. To August next year is a long way and anything can happen before that. I think I have to pinch myself. I can’t believe I’m actually gonna see Robbie Williams live. The tickets were quite expensive. I wasn’t really sure if I could afford it but I thought, that money will come back later. Also known as having a job. I loved his music for at least 20 years and it’s finally paying off. He’s been in Finland twice before but then I didn’t have a chance to go. I was so pleased his tour would reach our country again. His concerts are always so entertaining and funny. I’m sure I’m gonna loved it and remember the rest of my life.