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Clouds are my friends

night clouds
Night Clouds ©Mia Salminen

There seem to be no end of this heatwave we have in Finland. Today the thermometer showed 33 Celsius. Taking a shower doesn’t help because you still get sweaty and it makes my skin itch. Soon I have a rash all over. I wish summer would have been without this sauna weather. I think this is the climate change talking so thanks to you who pollute and spoil this world. You probably want people to suffer from heat and even die. Heat is nothing to joke about. You can go half naked outside but there are those who can’t or don’t want to. Enjoy your heat praising but keep it to yourself. I hate all these people on social media who say how wonderful this hot weather is. They can speak for themselves. Clouds are my friends and that’s what this summer needs. That and rain. It’s the no rain that makes this weather so unbearable. At least there’s some wind.

Last summer was great. There were only 4 days of heat and the rest was about 22 – 24. If it’s only 1 or 2 days of 30 Celsius, then it could be fine but when it’s gonna be about a week or so. That’s too long. If it was cloudy then it would be much better. But no, that hot sun just have to show. Luckily there are shadows which also are my friends. If there only would be shadows everywhere. I wonder if these people who love this kind of weather if they have any sweat glands at all. I just can’t understand how someone can be in the sun without a shade. You see people sunbathing directly in the sunlight. I hope they have powerful sun lotion on them. Or maybe they want skin cancer. Besides, too much sun is bad for you. It gives you wrinkles too.

Trying to think this weather won’t last forever, it’s really difficult to imagine that now when the heatwave stays. If you only could control the weather. I would rather have cold weather than sweat like a pig. It’s even hot at night. In my building the balconies are being renovated so there is only one window to open and that’s in my kitchenette. I have my curtains and blinds shut all day so my flat is a bit cooler. Sleeping without a blanket helps me to sleep. Even if I could keep my window open in the bedroom, I wouldn’t since there’s always someone speaking loud when people are walking pass or cars driving by. And maybe the smoking neighbor coming out. I wouldn’t get any sleep. It would be better if it was cool at night so inside it wouldn’t be so hot.

When it’s hot outside, it’s awful to do any bike trips. Even if there would be clouds, I rather stay inside. Coming from outside, to inside is the worse. Why can’t the heat be the same as rain, the forecast says it’s gonna rain but then it doesn’t after all. When the forecast says it’s gonna be 3o celsius but then the next day it’s only 20. Now when the forecast says it’s gonna be 30 then it will be 30. Do you know what I mean?  I wish I could sleep as long as this heatwave is going on and wake up when it’s under 25 Celsius. Even better if it’s winter. I don’t think I could sleep that long anyway. I just have to suffer this awful weather. It has to end sometime. The earth needs water and that would cool down at least for while. When I see dark clouds, it’s then I will enjoy this summer. Now it’s stressful and people act strangely. Clouds are my friends and Thor, the God of thunder in the Norse mythology is really needed right now.

New door do not open

old keys
Made in Canva

You know the saying, when one door closes, another opens. Well, I’ve tried to open a lot of doors but they still remain closed. I’m speaking in metaphors of course. Mostly doors about opportunities. Or lack of them that is. Sometimes it feels like I’m being lied to so I don’t take chances because of that. I have never got anything in life easy. I didn’t even get away from household chores when I was a child. My mother always said to me to clean up but she only wanted to teach me responsibility. When other kids got pocket money without having to do anything, I actually had to work for it. She also taught me to save money for a rainy day. I just wish I could earn that money instead of living on benefits. That’s where this open door thing comes in.

I opened doors to studying and thought that would open another door. But instead, it hasn’t brought me any opportunities. No matter how strong you are mentally it still bothers you what’s wrong with you that not even Lady Luck knocks on your door. You know you can do things but no one really pays you any attention. It doesn’t help in what school you attended and how many educations you have. That door just won’t open. I’ve started to think why the reason might be and I came to the conclusion it’s work experience. I have it but they’re internships. Some don’t see that has experience. Sorry but that’s all I have been given. Just because I haven’t got paid a real salary, it doesn’t mean it isn’t work experience. Should I find a time machine so I can go back in time to find a “real job”? I don’t think so. It seems some employers are idiots. OK, fine don’t give me a chance. Your loss. It shouldn’t matter if you got paid for the job or not. I don’t know what internships should be called then if not work experience. They’re done in a real working environment and not done at home. An internship is better than nothing. Some don’t even have that.

Those internships haven’t helped much. All of those places haven’t opened any doors. So when people say internships will help to get a job is just nonsense. Employers only want to exploit cheap labour. All this propaganda that unemployment has decreased are just fillers in the media. Whoever believes in that are fools. Only the people with good connections will open the next door. All those unlucky ones have to settle for what they got. Most people have dreams and goals but they don’t have a chance to make them true because they have so many other issues to handle. Everyone can’t become entrepreneurs or be at the right place at the right time.

Sometimes I want to give up and not even try to open another door. But then motivation kicks in and I’m full of hope. It doesn’t take long but at least I see it. Failing is part of life but it’s like the heatwave, it’s only temporarily. Even successful people have had it rough but they didn’t give up. If they had, they wouldn’t be here to courage people. Intentionally or unintentionally. Everyone has doubts. A lot of athletes have had injuries and they thought they wouldn’t be as good as they were before it. They believed in themselves and they made a comeback (like Novak Djokovic who won Wimbledon yesterday) Things like that lifts up my spirit. Believing in yourself when no one else seems to is the best revenge. I will try to open every door until I find the door that opens. It must out there somewhere.