Exercise your mind

electric brain
Made in Canva

Exercise your mind
Exercise your mind and find peace
Using your brain will make you see
The world is not all that bad
Look at what you got and not what you are missing
Exercise your mind and keep it active
Meditate or do things you enjoy
Your most precious thing is the memory
Use it wisely and exercise your mind

It’s your fault

cracked paint
Made in Canva

It’s your fault

I blame you for the things I think about

Since I saw you I haven’t had a clear thought

Do you even know what you do?

It doesn’t matter how you try to change

It’s your fault I feel this way

I compare others with you which is wrong

There is something about you but I don’t know what

I try to think about someone else but fail

It’s your fault I can’t get over you

Don’t take it as a compliment because it’s not

I would be better off but you keep coming back

Maybe it’s my fault for not looking away

But you got a hold on me so I blame you instead