Courage comes in many forms

Made in Canva

Courage comes in many forms

Courage is to be yourself despite what other’s think
Courage to do things your way
Courage is not about doing crazy things
Courage comes from daily life
Courage is to live your life alone
Courage is about staying true to yourself
Courage to live your life differently from others
Courage is standing for what you believe in
Courage is to show the society you dare to be different
Courage comes in many forms so never think otherwise

Exercise your mind

electric brain
Made in Canva

Exercise your mind
Exercise your mind and find peace
Using your brain will make you see
The world is not all that bad
Look at what you got and not what you are missing
Exercise your mind and keep it active
Meditate or do things you enjoy
Your most precious thing is the memory
Use it wisely and exercise your mind