Winter rain

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Winter Rain

We have snow

It’s nice

But then the rain comes to spoil it all

Winter rain, the party pooper

Snow is better than sleet

But that’s the weather for you in Finland

Rain is good in the summer

But winter rain, no way

It all becomes grey

Snow is light

But winter rain takes the fun away

Hang on a minute

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Hang on a minute

Hang on a minute; it's the end of the year soon
What you can do today, you can do it next year
Hang on a minute and read this poem
It might not be the best, but this is what I do
Sometimes poems are like blog posts
It might not be a typical poem, though
Hang on a minute, this is what I have time for
Have a nice the end of the year 2022

Bleary mind

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Bleary mind

I have a bleary mind

But my mind has nothing to say

The Queen is gone, but I’m not

I only have a break from things

So much else to do

But I’m not sorry

Good things come for those who wait

I have a bleary mind at the moment

But that feeling won’t be here forever