Resurrect my feelings

heartshaped flowers
Made with Canva

Resurrect my feelings

I thought I would be over you by now

But then you come back and resurrect my feelings

It’s more than a crush, it’s a feeling I can’t get rid of

I try to look at someone else the way I see you

But when you’re there you resurrect my feelings

What makes this the worse is the truth you don’t know me

I don’t even know if you’re alone or if there is someone

Nothing will change, we never meet in this life

No one will ever make me feel the way you do

You resurrect my feelings over and over again

Have a heart

cobblestone heart
Cobblestone street in Turku, Finland

Have a heart

Have a heart when you smoke in front of your kids

Have a heart when you litter in nature

Have a heart when you kill innocent people

Have a heart when you treat a person like trash

Have a heart when you hurt animals and kids

Have a heart when you don’t care about others

Have a heart when you bully a person who’s not like you

Have a heart when you want to hurt someone who isn’t white

Have a heart when you think someone’s sexuality is a sickness

Have a heart and get rid of your prejudice because life is too short

Have a heart and take others into account

Like Michael Jackson said, “Its all for love… L.O.V.E”

Please have a heart and make this world a better place to live in


Built a bastion around me

Fortress in Kajaani, Finland 2010

Built a bastion around me

I built myself a bastion around me

Past experiences have made me careful

I built a bastion around me so I would get less hurt

Get out of your shell but it just makes me want to build it higher

It takes a special person to break down my walls

I built a bastion to keep people away

Once you lost a trust it hard to get it back

Don’t treat people like dirt or they build a bastion of their own