Rare compliment

rare compliment
Made in Canva

What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Daily Prompt

It’s World Poetry Day today, so I wrote a poem.


Rare compliment

It takes a lot to get a compliment from people

Whatever I do, they are silent

I don’t wait for one

I’m not trying to embiggen the problem

Even a rare compliment would be nice

I don’t care though

I function without one

Rare compliment I get, but I take it

Another winner takes it all

winner medal
Photo: Openverse

Another winner takes it all

A Winner, am I not

I don’t get many likes

I waste my time writing

At least it feels like that

Another winner takes it all

I’m not a loser

I’m not a winner, either

Another winner takes it all

Luck is not on my side

Maybe I have no talent

Another winner takes it all

I’m left with small pieces

That’s better than nothing

Another winner takes it all

But a winner doesn’t always win

Winter rain

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Winter Rain

We have snow

It’s nice

But then the rain comes to spoil it all

Winter rain, the party pooper

Snow is better than sleet

But that’s the weather for you in Finland

Rain is good in the summer

But winter rain, no way

It all becomes grey

Snow is light

But winter rain takes the fun away