Tristful because of you

autumn leaves on the ground
Photo by me. Made in Canva

Tristful because of you

Autumn is soon here but not quite
Summer still wants to continue and I feel tristful because of it
I want it to be colder and colours on the trees
I feel tristful because of you
Summer be gone and I don’t care what others think
It can still be warm but no more hot weather
But weather can’t be stopped
What comes around you need to accept it
I still feel tristful because of you
I like you certain amount but I want you to leave
You had your time so stop making me feel tristful

Sick and tired

blue pills spilt from a glass
Made in Canva

Sick and tired

Sick and tired of selfish people
Sick and tired of people who don’t care
Sick and tired of noisy neighbours
Sick and tired of racism
Sick and tired of narcissism
Sick and tired of sexism
Sick and tired of celebs who think they all that
Sick and tired of negative comments online
Sick and tired of people who litter
Sick and tired of smoking fools
Sick and tired of people who only think black and white
Sick and tired of repeating myself when I talk
Sick and tired of ignorant people who think they know it all
But most of all I’m sick and tired of not be able to do anything about it alone

Courage comes in many forms

Made in Canva

Courage comes in many forms

Courage is to be yourself despite what other’s think
Courage to do things your way
Courage is not about doing crazy things
Courage comes from daily life
Courage is to live your life alone
Courage is about staying true to yourself
Courage to live your life differently from others
Courage is standing for what you believe in
Courage is to show the society you dare to be different
Courage comes in many forms so never think otherwise