To the moon and back

3 moons reflection
3 moons. ©Mia Salminen

To the moon and back

I’m going to the moon with a spoon

There I’m gonna jump up and down with a gown

I’m going to the moon and back with a sack

Filling it with sand with my bare hand

I have a spoon but I’m on the moon and it acts like a balloon

I’m going alone but if you want to join you have to give me a coin

Going to the moon and back but then I realise it’s only a dream attack


Looking through the loophole

whole in windowLooking through the loophole

I don’t know what to post

All I can be is your host

Looking through the loophole

Makes me lose my self-control

I want to do so much

But I don’t have that golden touch

Someone is always better

Some are even a trendsetter

Looking through the loophole

Brings a big hole in my soul

Sometimes you just need to accept things

We all can’t be queens and kings

All I can do is bring joy to some

So anyone who likes, welcome