A nod is as good as a hug

Made in Canva

A hug and a kiss, is something I don’t miss

A nod is as a good as a hug, especially now of this covid bug

Never been into hugs, nods are better drugs

A handshake is not as bad, but I rather be sad

A nod is better than nothing because if you won’t, it will sting

To the moon and back

3 moons reflection
3 moons. ©Mia Salminen

To the moon and back

I’m going to the moon with a spoon

There I’m gonna jump up and down with a gown

I’m going to the moon and back with a sack

Filling it with sand with my bare hand

I have a spoon but I’m on the moon and it acts like a balloon

I’m going alone but if you want to join you have to give me a coin

Going to the moon and back but then I realise it’s only a dream attack