A nod is as good as a hug

Made in Canva

A hug and a kiss, is something I don’t miss

A nod is as a good as a hug, especially now of this covid bug

Never been into hugs, nods are better drugs

A handshake is not as bad, but I rather be sad

A nod is better than nothing because if you won’t, it will sting

To the moon and back

3 moons reflection
3 moons. ©Mia Salminen

To the moon and back

I’m going to the moon with a spoon

There I’m gonna jump up and down with a gown

I’m going to the moon and back with a sack

Filling it with sand with my bare hand

I have a spoon but I’m on the moon and it acts like a balloon

I’m going alone but if you want to join you have to give me a coin

Going to the moon and back but then I realise it’s only a dream attack


Dim the lights

dim light

Dim the lights

Dim the lights and stop the fights

Dim the heights and make it a good sight

Dim the lights and let free the kites

Dim the lights so we can embrace the nights

Dim the highlights because it’s not the last rites

It’s our birthright to dim the lights