This post has no anachronism in it

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This post has no anachronism in it because I’m a modern person. I don’t know if I understood the word right, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the movies ‘Back to the future’ and ‘Kate and Leopold‘ about that? There are characters in them that come from different times. Anyway, I belong in this time, but I yet don’t belong. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only one with sense. I always thought I was a misfit. I wasn’t a typical teenager. I liked staying at home. I didn’t want to spend time in a youth centre or hang around in shopping centres. I didn’t need to be there. People who don’t like staying home must have a reason for not wanting to be there. I have never had that problem. I have never understood getting drunk. I don’t even like alcohol and not forgetting throwing up. It’s ridiculous to drink so much you can barely walk. It’s embarrassing to watch. Drunk people are boring too. Trying to get a decent conversation with people like that.

I was born at the right time. At least, that’s what I thought when I was younger. I’m not sure now. Sometimes I wish I could be younger, and sometimes older. I’m lucky to have experienced the world without computers and with computers. Kids today have no idea how things were in the past. Certain things were better then. We weren’t occupied with mobiles. You talked to people face to face. Parents trusted their kids. Even the music was better than it is today. Young people had respect for older people. Now parents are lost on how to raise their kids. Mental issues have increased, and so on. The list is endless.

The good thing about the present is that things are more accessible. You can buy food without leaving your home. You can use different apps to do many things without queueing anywhere. I’m glad I am the age I am right now. For example, I’m not a novice when it comes to technology. Many seniors have trouble with that. Certain things are complicated for many different ages, like a job search. It has become a sci-fi project where you need to be perfect. People tell you how to answer questions in a job interview; if you answer incorrectly, you won’t get the job. Why are things made so complicated? It’s a competition where only the pretty and lucky ones get anything. Modern technology is one of the reasons to blame for the world’s problems.

It’s good that I’m not a kid or a teenager. They need to see fake photos on social media, and they compare themselves to that. If you get bullied in school, they will also bully you online. There are a lot of expectations from other people. I don’t envy them. A lot of things seem to end up on social media. When I was young, we didn’t need computers and mobiles to feel alive. We lived for real then, and no one bothered what you did in your private life. There was pressure from other people, but they were people you knew. No stranger told you what to do and what to look like. The internet has made life easier, but it has also given more problems. But you can never go back, so you must live with what you have. You should think about the positive side of it all. That’s how you go by.

Pinch of criticism about the Oscars

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If you didn’t know, the Oscars awards were last night. I didn’t watch it because I think it’s a waste of time to stay up that late. Actually, I’m not interested in the Academy Awards that much. I saw it once when Lord of the rings was nominated, and they won too. The nominations have become a little weird. There are movies I’ve never heard of. The film that should be nominated isn’t. It only gets stranger each year. I wonder if there are only old farts that choose who gets nominated. A pinch of criticism about the Oscars here.

Some of the movies you can’t even watch in the theatre. Not everyone wants to pay for Netflix. I already have Disney Plus. It’s not that I would watch the movies, but only saying movies like that shouldn’t be nominated in an award show like The Oscars. Short films are different. They can only be shown on streaming services. I always wondered why movie series never get nominated for the big awards. They might belong to a series, but they are still different movies. They usually win special effects or awards like that. I don’t think it’s right, but that’s how the Academy works. Lord of the rings is the only movie that won Best movie. It seems trilogies are poison for the Academy. I feel a little sorry for the actors who won’t get nominated because they are in these movies. Then again, they don’t become actors for the awards. The Oscars are only one among other award shows, so it’s not the end of the world if “wrong” movies or actors get nominated. It’s only a Hollywood thing, to show off your party dress. That’s probably a big part of why people watch the award show. I don’t care about that. I care about watching movies and not the glamour that goes with the filmmaking folks.

Bloganuary: What brings me joy

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Bloganuary: What brings you joy in life?

At the moment, getting rid of this flu would bring me joy the most. It’s getting better, but it’s not finished yet. Flu takes a lot out of you. The nights are the worst with all the coughing and phlegm in your lungs. I get a headache from all that coughing. I miss breathing and the taste of food. Now it tastes foul, but even that is getting better. Being ill makes you appreciate being well. All that matter is that it will be over soon.

Blogging and writing bring me joy. I’m always good at it in some ways. I prefer writing to talking because you have time to think when you write. If I say something, I often believe afterwards that I should have said it some other way, but then the situation is over. That’s one of the reasons why I fail at job interviews. I’m not verbal enough in conversations. But writing can also be frustrating. Especially when it’s challenging to find the right words to describe things. I have a love and dislike relationship with writing. Fiction goes better than fact writing. I couldn’t live without writing my thoughts down somewhere. I used to write a diary, and now I blog. The difference is that blogging is sharing with others, which brings me joy.

You can’t always stay inside. If I didn’t go somewhere, I would go crazy. I love going out for walks and taking long bike trips in the summer if it isn’t too hot. I can get away from the city and be alone. It’s relaxing, and I get back home, feeling I have done something. I can’t understand how certain young people can stay inside a year in and a year out. They only go out to go to the store or smoke on the balcony. I’m a homebody, but I want to be away from it once in a while. I don’t love my home that much. I feel joy when I get to explore my city on a bike. Some people get to the gym, and I take bike trips or long walks. That’s all the exercise I need. Nature is essential to me. It gives me strength. It’s good for your mental health.

Movies, television, and music are my escape from the real world. When we first got cable in 1987, I was hooked. My mother thoughts I was watching too much television at the time. Cable got everything; it was a dream come true to see music videos and all that stuff. Of course, we had TV channels before, but not until cable TV videos were nonexistent. It opened a whole new world, and I haven’t looked back. Before cable, we went to the theatres to see movies. I belonged to a movie club with my mother when I was a kid. They showed movies for kids. I have been fascinated by movies for a long time. I always watch the extras on DVDs about making movies. One of my first education was screenplay writing, and now I am studying filmmaking again. That’s how much I enjoy it.

The most joy is definitely watching sports on TV, especially if they win. Nothing beats the adrenaline sport gives you. Seeing a Finn winning or losing gives so many emotions. It got everything, drama, tears, happiness, disappointments and everything in between. My favourite sport is ice hockey. I’ve seen quite many games on the spot from our local team. The atmosphere is fantastic. It’s something you don’t get through the television. The best feeling is when your country wins championships in something, and the whole country has something in common for a change. Ice hockey is a significant sport in Finland. Last year we won our first gold in the winter Olympics and world championships at home. Half of the country went mad. Winning in ice hockey is probably the only time Finnish men cry. Sometimes the win celebrations get overboard. They break things and do silly things. That’s what too much alcohol does to some people, which is a shame since it should be about fun and not acting like jerks. That’s one of the downsides of watching sports.

Without all of this joy, life would be much duller. Doing something positive will do anyone good.