Bloganuary: Repost.Laughter here and laughter there

Repost for day 7 in Bloganuary.
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I wrote about laughter before back in 2014 so this is kind part 2 of that. Find it here. Besides writing, laughing is a good medicine for my mental health. I love laughing. I can’t get enough of old comedies like Frasier or The Golden girls. I also love British humour. The old stuff mostly. I don’t only like comedy but also humour in general. Even in action movies, some humour is good. Not hilarious but funny moments. The reason I love Guardian of the galaxy is for the humour. Even in Thor. Some say the humour in Ragnarok was unnecessary but I think that’s what makes it so good. It’s definitely not a movie for humourless people.

It doesn’t take much for me to laugh. Even making funny faces makes me full of laughter. It’s not how things are said, it’s about how they’re said. Humour it’s not only about how to tell a joke. It’s so much more. It’s about witty remarks and even sarcasm. I absolutely loved House MD, you know with Hugh Laurie. I still laugh when I see quotes from the TV show. Again, it’s not about what he said, it’s about how he said it and Laurie’s facial expressions were priceless. That’s what made it such a great show. I usually don’t go for black comedy but some are good. Like Fargo, the movie.

So laughter is a good remedy for everyone. It might not make your life longer but at least you have a good time. Without humour, life would be full of sorrow and that’s not very nice, is it?

Repost: What is that scent?

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When I think about scent, I think about something that smells good. My favorite scent is salty liquorice a.k.a. salmiakki, a.k.a. Finnish candy/sweets. Opening a bag of it and smell it, is one of the best things I know. Who can resist a good scent. When you say smell, it sound like something horrible. Cigarettes for example is a smell, not a scent. Instead of asking, “What’s that smell?” it should be “What’s that scent?” Of course you can’t say that about something that smells awful. Not all are good scents. If someone wears perfume too much even if it smells good, it can still be awful. I can’t be close to a person who scent is too strong. I can’t even walk pass a perfume stand without feeling a tickle in my nose. The same goes with scented candles. I can’t be near them without feeling like I’m choking.

Too much is too much. People should really think about those who are allergic. If you want to smell better, how about taking a shower. Especially men who wear aftershave. A clean one smells much better than someone who wears fragrances. If you really need to use them, it should be something that doesn’t smell. Besides a lot of those perfumes are tested on animals so that’s another reason why you shouldn’t use any. The best scent of the world should be called ‘Clean’ I wonder when they’re starting to develop a fragrance like that. If you want to smell something, smell clean. Most of the fragrances smell awful anyway. If you’ve seen those ‘Axe’ commercials where a man wears it and all females goes wild, that’s all fake. It doesn’t smell anything divine and I would even get near a man who use it. The same with Calvin Kleins ‘CK’ It smells like rotten oranges or lemons. You won’t get a date by wearing celebrities or designer fragrances. It’s the person you are that makes you interesting.

Another scent I like is freshly cut grass. That’s a lot of people’s favorite. It’s a sign of summer. Walking on the grass is so soft. When it has just been cut, the scent reaches your nostrils and you feel like you’ve been born again. I can’t wait for the spring to come and the grass to grow. If I lost one sense, I hope it wouldn’t be the sense of smell. Even if there are bad smells, a scent of summer and spring doesn’t compare to anything.

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