Ding dong dinkum

dinkum in different letters
Made in Canva

That’s what dinkum reminds me of. It has a funny ring to it. At least to someone who’s the first language isn’t English. So this post doesn’t really focus on anything special. It’s just that word, dinkum. The reason why I love the English language is the word playing you can do with it. It’s so versatile and different words can have different meanings. I’m not that good in wordplay so I won’t write anything “funny” But then it would be a joke and that’s not my thing.

Dinkum is not a word you would use in daily life. Unless you’re an Aussie or a New Zealander. According to Grammarly, it’s slang for truth or hard work. I would rather use those words to dinkum. If you ask a Finn what that means, they would only say, ‘What a hell is that?’ That’s a word you don’t learn in school. It would be quite amusing if you used dinkum when you describe someone. “You’re such a dinkum” and they would think it’s something offensive. Finns that is or anyone who doesn’t know what it means. In fact, it’s a compliment. I would prefer the word real, genuine or authentic so more people would understand. Then again writing dinkum is faster to type and easier. It’s the understanding of the word that makes it more difficult.

Dinkum would be an interesting name for a chocolate bar. ‘A moment later’ Just looked up while writing this post and found out there is actually is milk chocolate called Fair Dinkum. Funny that you can actually found this kind of information on the internet. I didn’t really think there was such a thing for real. I just thought about how dinkum could be chocolate and there it was. You can even buy it here. Just saying. So there is was ding dong dinkum and then it’s gone.


Believe in words

adult and baby handsI believe in myself but no one else seems to.

I believe things happen for a reason.

I believe there’s life after death.

I believe some people are born bad.

I believe there is some kind of God.

I believe children are the future.

I believe courage is only meant for some.

I believe you can learn new things no matter what age you are.

I believe some are meant to be alone all their life.

I believe you don’t need to please other people just to make them feel good about themselves.

I believe being yourself will bring you happiness.

I believe you shouldn’t criticise someone before you’ve walked in their shoes.

I believe wealthy people who don’t help the poor are selfish.

I believe some are luckier than others.

I believe everyone has something to give to the world.

I believe the world would be boring if everyone was the same.

I believe the catastrophes of the world are the fault of humans.

I believe everyone can do something for the climate change.

I believe this blog post will end here.