The Last Goodbye

Only 14 days to this.

Good things come to an end. It feels like it was only yesterday when The Hobbit: The Unexpected journey came out. Now it’s already the 3rd movie. How time flies. The Battle of the Five armies should end with a few tears. It was so in the book. I’m sure the whole movie’s gonna be great. I’m already waiting for it impatiently. I’ve tried to stay away from spoilers because I want it to come as a surprise. Even if I’ve read the book, it will be interesting to see how the movie is gonna be like.

This is the last goodbye. As sad at it sounds, it’s not really a goodbye. There will always be the DVD’s or Blu-Ray’s. But as a movie trilogy, it’s the end. There will be no more. Unless someone gets the rights to Silmarillion. But that probably won’t be the same. I haven’t read it so I don’t know what to expect from it. Maybe it be better if it won’t become a movie. These movies should be the end.

I really enjoyed the movies. I’m really glad I have witnessed movie history. It started with Lord of the rings. After I’ve seen the extended versions, I don’t want to watch the theatrical versions anymore. One of these day I’ll watch every extended versions, from The Hobbit to Lord of the rings. Maybe not all at once though. I just love these movies so much. Peter Jackson is finally getting a star on Walk of Fame. He truly deserves it. We salute you, Peter.

The Last Goodbye – Billy Boyd



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