Game of Leaks

It started again. 5th season of Game of Thrones. You didn’t know I’m a fan of the show? OK, well I’m a fan of Game of Thrones. Not a fan that collect merchandise and things like that. Just a fan that loves the show. I still don’t remember half of the character’s names but there’s so many of them anyway. I’m not very good with names. I know how someone looks like but I never remember their names. That’s the same with life. I have a good memory of faces but that’s about it.

I really looked forward to this season. But then someone leaked the first 4 episodes on the internet. Not very surprising since it’s the most bootlegged TV series. Of course Tumblr was full of those spoilers. I don’t understand why some people wants to ruin things for others. They can’t really be trustworthy in real life. If they can’t keep the spoilers to themselves then they’re not very good at keeping secrets. I understand some are excited but when it comes to internet, you can’t really ignore spoilers. No matter what you do. Luckily some do put spoiler alert on their posts.
Personally I don’t like spoilers. They ruin all the excitement from a movie or a TV show. I’m not gonna watch those episodes in advance. I have enough of self-control. The point is the waiting for the next one. Looking forward to something makes it more fun. If you already seen all 4 episodes, you have to wait another month to see the next one. That’s not much fun, is it?!

I don’t really know why some have the urge to leak unseen episodes on the internet. Not just Game of Thrones but also movies. They are usually bad quality anyway. Not that it matters to me. I’m not very fussy about screen quality. I watched sports online and the quality is not the best but that’s better than nothing. As long as you can see what’s going on.
If the episodes have already been seen on TV then this leak thing is a different matter. But since it’s not, is not that nice. It does spoil the excitement for season 5. There are those who have seen the leaked episodes and those who haven’t. It’s a bit unfair. Those who has, can only blame themselves for watching them in advance. I’ve read on Tumblr how they complain about having to wait for a month. That’s what you get and now you have to pay the price.

I for one will watch Game of Thrones once a week. I really look forward to those. Waiting a week is much better than waiting for a month. Good things come to those who wait.