Migration to another life

dream on board
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Today it’s Dream Day. A day where you could start following your dreams. I dream every day but I never get anything done. I wish I could migrate to another life. A life where everything you dream of will come true. In that fantasy world where you have all the courage, you can have. Now there are too many limitations. Migration to another life would be much better than this one. In the other world, everyone would get along. There wouldn’t be wars and all that. Everyone would be happy. Now it’s only some people who are totally happy. The only time you really can migrate to another life is through reading, watching movies, write fiction or whatever you do to be away from this life for a while. There is no alternative universe where you can physically remove yourself to. It’s only in your own mind.

I have dreams but they don’t feel like dreams. They are more like hopes. I don’t really know how it feels to have a dream come true. One dream that did come true was going to a real live concert. It was Robbie Williams. I loved it but I didn’t have a feeling, wow, my dream came true, kind of excitement. It was more like, OK, now I’ve done that and that was it. Maybe that’s it. Having a dream come true isn’t like being on cloud nine. It was more like emptiness afterwards and then you just move on. I tried to dream small to see how it feels when a dream comes true. The dream was to get into Helsinki Design School to study graphic design and now when I’ve been there, it was no big deal. I was happy of course but it was just for that moment. Now when it’s reality it’s nothing spectacular. I have no special feelings about it. I’m glad I got in and now it’s just a part of life. Until June 2019 at least. What happens after that is impossible to predict.

The reason people stop dreaming big is the fear of failure. But that’s not the reason why I stopped dreaming big. I’m not afraid of failure because I’ve done it so many times before. My reason is there have been too many obstacles in the way and at the same time, I’m too lazy to start things. It’s like there lives another person inside my head saying all the negative things. Maybe it’s the introvert in me. I think about things that could go wrong instead of what could go right. I’m not ambitious enough. I have difficulties to start anything. I think what to do but then I get distracted. It’s a habit I should get rid of it. In that other life, I wouldn’t have hang-ups like I have in the real world. It would be nice to migrate to that life once in a while. If only that dream could become reality but that’s yet again really far-fetched.

Quaint in a modern world


old white gloves
©Mia Salminen

I think I’m both quaint and modern. Quaint in a way that I appreciate men who open doors to women. People who say thank you. Manners that some seem to have forgotten. Even saying hello is too difficult for some. They think they only need to say that to people they know. Then the way people dress. Ripped jeans, pants down to their ankles and so on. It doesn’t look good on anyone. You can’t buy style. I don’t understand why they think they look good by looking like that. Especially men who wear their pants to their behinds. I saw this guy in the store who looked like that and I tried to hold my laughter. It looked so ridiculous. I don’t know why some women like that kind of look on a guy. Men should dress nicely and not look like an idiot. You can look stylish without having to pay a lot of money to buy clothes. I wish I could have lived in the 1950’s where men had a dress sense. Luckily there are men who can actually dress nice. Some men should take a look at male celebrities clothing and learn. I don’t follow fashion very closely but I know what looks good.

When it comes to technology I don’t think having the newest things is very important. My mobile is 10 years old and it still works. I don’t even like these new smartphones. Besides, the batteries don’t last very long on them. I don’t have to charge the phone for at least a week. It’s because of the internet people’s mobile needs to be charged every day. Every time I use the tablet, it needs to be charged. Then the touching the screen irritates me. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t like posting on Instagram. It would be much easier if you could post from the computer. Actually, doing things on the computer is much faster. If you write on a mobile, you might click on the wrong letter and then you have to write it again. Not forgetting autocorrect. It’s just too much work. I only get agitated when I use a touchscreen. Between a computer and a smartphone, the computer wins every time.

There is nothing wrong with being quaint. In the modern world, people expect others to play their game. I can follow trends but it doesn’t mean I have to be like everyone else. People can have their new technologies and be the victim of advertisers. I refuse to be one of them. So many people are addicted to their smartphones and it seems their lives are empty without them. I’m glad I can get away from it. I don’t have the urge to take photos of people or places I’m in and post everything on social media. I don’t even have many photos on Facebook like a lot of people I follow there. I prefer posting my photos taken with a real camera on my blogs. There are things people don’t need to know. I find it a bit annoying when people post everything they do online. There should be something private. Where is all the mystery? If I want to write about something private, I keep it to myself.

I don’t want to be in that game
Don’t want to follow the leader
No way

-Misfit by Amy Studt

This song is so me. You should listen to it. Being misfit is never quaint, it should be honoured. Anyone who’s not afraid to be different has my full respect.