End of the year post

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So here we are, the end of the year 2020. Finally, some think. All the bad things aside. There have been good things too. That’s something you can forget when things are bad. I can only speak for myself and what has happened to me.

My year has been good to me. I got a job and I got paid for it. I was then laid off because of the covid restrictions. But then I got back to work. They were experiences I haven’t had before. Getting paid and being laid off. I got those at once. I didn’t suffer from either of them.

In blogging, I got over 1K viewers from March to May. I also got more followers. I don’t know how many since I can’t find stats about that. This is my 7th full blogging year. I haven’t blogged as often as I used to but that just shows I’ve been busy with life. I still got more visitors and viewers than I had before. So it’s not about quantity but about quality.

I also bought a new laptop. I’ve changed from Windows to Mac (MacBook Pro) Then I also bought a new mobile. An iPhone (Apple SE 2020) which goes well with the Mac. Not only that but I also bought a drawing tablet. It’s easier to draw with a pen than a mouse.

When we get to 2021 no one ones what new will happen. I don’t usually plan what I’ll do because it has been proved this year, plans change. No one knows how long this covid will last and will the vaccines work. Next year can become a satire or it can get better. One thing that won’t change is me writing this blog. So thank you all for finding this blog and have a happier new 2021. See you next year.

All you need is now

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I’m a master of putting thing off for tomorrow. That’s one of the reasons why I’m always far behind others. But why should I need to hurry? All you need is now and not what might come in the future. I rather do things later. People who stress about things have no joy in life. I never liked doing things in a hurry. It only gets me irritated. I like taking my time. If I don’t get things done then I don’t. I don’t stress about it.

A lot of people stress about Christmas. I’m not really into doing all that food and stuff like that. This year I have to stay at home. There is no Christmas cruise this time. At least not for a longer period of time. When mother was alive we used to make Christmas together. It’s not the same anymore. Even when she was around, we took the cruise because it was easier. This year it’s the first time in years, we’re home at Christmas. I haven’t even put the decorations up yet. We haven’t had a real tree in years. A small plastic tree from my grandmother is enough. Even if we were on a cruise, we still had decorations up. It feels more like Christmas then. It’s just those 3 days and then the New Year fuss begins again. Even that is different this year. There won’t be fireworks in the city. Only people who bought them. I don’t care much about that. They should ban the whole thing. Too much noise anyway.

I have put off job search for this year too. There is no joy in that. I want to do things I feel joy from and that is not it. I have had other things on my mind. One of them is helping dad at his home. He now walks with a walker and he got some exercise things to do. But maybe he’s trying to procrastinate for doing them. He will never get better if he doesn’t do them regularly. It’s not just his right hip but also his left side shoulder. I really hope he won’t keep falling over next year because it costs money to be ill. His legs are not the way they used to because of type 2 diabetes. He’s a former athlete but I guess you get lazy when you get older when it comes to exercise. Of course, now it’s much more difficult since he can’t walk the same way as before. Hell, even I don’t exercise enough recently and I’m totally healthy. Walking and cycling is my kind of exercise. I have put off with long-distances. The weather hasn’t been very pleasant recently.

I have been putting off blogging this month too. It’s probably gonna be the quietest month this year. I just haven’t had the time and joy to write anything. I have even put off writing fan fiction. I can get those things done next year because, well, there is always next year. In case I don’t blog this year anymore. Have a happy Christmas and a better 2021.

Swish and the time is gone

speed lines of a road
Made in Canva

It’s been a month since my last blog post. There are different reasons why I haven’t blogged in a while. Swish and the time is gone. I just haven’t had anything to write about. I haven’t been busy but I’ve had other things on my mind. And I sleep really late. I guess I have a lot of sleeping to catch up since I stopped my job. I have also watched a lot of movies on TV, so many late nights too.

So soon this year is over. I guess the top topics have been the coronavirus and US presidential elections. The other world news is all a blur to me. Personally, I had the job and then got laid off for a while. Then back to work. Now that is over. In private life, my dad had a falling accident about a month ago and then he went to a hip operation. Now he is in rehabilitation so I’ve been at my dad’s place. He’s probably coming back home this week. I’ve also been visiting him at the hospital. With a mask on, of course. So that’s about it.

Christmas is around the corner. It’s gonna be at home after some years of a break. Of course, it would be nice to go somewhere but, you know, the coronavirus is something not to be messed with. I for one don’t want it. Luckily I haven’t even got the cold which is great. I hope it won’t come either. I hate a stuffed nose and the sneezing. The coronavirus has gotten worse in Finland. One day there were over 400 who got it. There are still people who don’t wear a mask but they have their reasons. It’s not really comfortable but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I don’t go anywhere anyway. Only to the store and visiting my dad at the hospital. I try to avoid people as much as I can. But I do that other times too anyway. I don’t actually mind this coronavirus. I don’t like touching things with bare hands and don’t care much about hugging either. I never got that handshake thing either. You can greet someone with just a ‘Hi’ and that’s it. The Japanese don’t use handshakes so why should I.

Only a swish and then the year is over. I don’t plan anything. I live in the present. I’ve thought about a few things what I could do. One of them is if I should get a driver’s license after all. My dad has always been the driver so I haven’t needed one. But now when he’s getting older and he can’t drive forever. I tried to get one when I was younger but I didn’t finish it. My mother was disappointed to spend all that money on it. But I realized I was too afraid to drive. Maybe I just wasn’t ready. What worries me is that I might not be ready this time either. I have gone without a license this long and I haven’t needed one. My mother never had one either. A lot of people don’t even want one. You can’t always get a ride where you want. When you go by public transport the problem is the schedules and other people. I don’t need a car because I can always borrow or rent one. My dad doesn’t want to drive long-distances anymore so maybe if I did have a license, we could drive somewhere the way we used to. The driving schools are much different than they were over 20 years ago or so. Sometimes I think I don’t really need a license but then there are days when I wish I had. Getting a job would probably be much easier too. At least there would be more options. If you feel too much pressure to drive on the street with others, then maybe having a driver’s license isn’t a good idea. Since I already been to driving school, driving would be easier to learn. I still remember how to start a car. The biggest problem would probably be the tests. I failed them so many times last time and you had to pay for them each time. That’s where the money went. I really have to think about what to do with this. Maybe that’s my goal in the summer of 2021. That and maybe find something to do for a living.