Bugbear of today

elephant toy at a window
Nori watching the rain. Photo: Mine

Bugbear is both a cute and funny word. It’s a bear that is bugging something. In this case, it’s an elephant that my dad won at a funfair. There are two things that bug me, and those are as follows.

Job search

I had to go to an event where different companies were introducing themselves. I think these events are unnecessary because they don’t have the line of work you’re looking for. Some unemployed don’t need to go, which is a bit unfair. But I went, and I didn’t get into trouble.

And another bugbear is.


I’m going to Tampere to see Robbie Williams in concert on Sunday. Then next week to Helsinki. But now there are strike threats for buses and trains. It’s selfish to have strikes because many people will suffer from them. Everybody doesn’t have a car. Even if they do, the parking isn’t cheap. The bus strike can start tomorrow and end on Friday next week. I have both train and bus tickets. If the strikes will come, the only solution is to drive there. I have never driven alone and long distances. I hope those strikes won’t come. It’s so much easier to travel by public transport. Especially when you need to travel early in the morning. I hope at least one of the transports won’t go on strike. If both go, there will be trouble. Let’s hope and pray it will be solved soon.

Bore and risque at the same post

Ace of spades card
Photo: Pixabay

What bores you?

Daily Prompt

Things that bore me the most is politics. I was never interested in it as a teenager, and I still don’t care. It spoils a lot of things. It even happens in sports. Other things that bore me are the same athlete and country winning, so others don’t get a chance. It happens a lot in men’s cross-country skiing and Formula One. It takes out all the fun watching the sport.

I’m not a risque person. I’m more of a bore. But at least I know how to be bored. Certain people can’t manage that. They always need something to do. That can be stressful if you can’t be bored sometimes. There must be someone who can be bored because we can’t all be exciting people. At least I go somewhere from time to time. Some people only stay at home and don’t do anything special in their life. I could never live like that. I can be bored, but I need to do something that fills my life. It might not be anything risque, but it keeps me alive.

Delete, rewrite and repeat

pencil erasing word delete
Made in Canva

Things don’t always go the way you planned them. If it’s career choices or writing stories. It’s delete, rewrite and repeat. With a pencil and a computer, you can erase them. But with life, you can only move on and not think about what you didn’t do in the past. You have regrets, but it’s too late to delete them. If you get stuck in the past, you won’t grow as a person.

I could have done things differently when I was younger. I shouldn’t have been so careful. My resume would have looked different if I had been in a summer job as a teenager. But I wanted to have a summer break because schoolwork was hard enough. I applied for a summer job once, but I didn’t get one. The positions were drawn, so only the lucky ones got them. I didn’t try again. I helped my dad in his business, but that wasn’t a job that I could put on a resume. You can’t go back and change the past, and I wish employers would understand that too. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I studied different things. Some find their niche by working, but I did it through studying. A shame it’s only job experiences that count.

It’s OK to delete things because you can rewrite them again. You learn new things, and you won’t be the same person when you were younger. Hopefully, you will become smarter and don’t repeat the mistakes you made in the past. It doesn’t need to be a mistake. It might be something you would do differently. Either way, regrets don’t get you anywhere. The future counts, and that’s what you shouldn’t delete.