Last day of NaBloPoMo15

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Honestly, the whole NaBloPoMo November didn’t go well. I missed 2 days. I just got bored with it. I just can’t post everyday. It didn’t seem to get attention either. I wanted to throw this blog into the wall so to speak. Or actually throw it in my followers faces. I’m very cross with you. Why do you follow me in the first place if you don’t even like a post or even comment? Do you actually care at all? Well of course you do. But oh why? Tell me why you follow me? Don’t be a lurker.

Hello, anybody there? When someone is asking a question, you should reply. “Ask a question and you will get more comments?” Is just BS. I’ve asked a lot but it doesn’t work. Having a blog is such a drag sometimes. Maybe there would be more traffic if it was a blog about fashion, (boring) lifestyle, (booooring) or a food blog (a bit boring) I’ve thought about changing the subjects on this blog. Not because I feel disappointed about the lack of comments etc. It’s more of loving changes and boredom.

Actually I don’t care really. This is my blog and I write what I like. If nobody reads it, it doesn’t matter. There was a good advice in one of the photo blogs I follow. Do not look at your statistics. But that was for photography but I think it applies here too. So I won’t look. But still you look. It’s like when someone says; “Don’t look down”, you still do.

What you should really look, is the new James Bond flick, Spectre. Finally went to see it and it was an exciting one. But oh how I loathe those commercials before a movie starts. That’s the reason I don’t go very often. I’m not going to the movies to watch commercials you see on TV. And then the ticket price is 12 euros. Think again 😛 Today it was 7 euros though.

That was it from the NaBloPoMo15. Good riddance to you.



NaBloPoMo15: One or several expertise

One person is an expert at doing one thing and the other can do more than one. I’m the latter. Not calling myself an expert but I’m good at several things. Knowing more than one thing is an advantage in the work place. Especially in creative work.

Trying not to be over-confident but I’m good at both writing fiction, photographing, videography and editing. Those are crafts you learn by doing. Anyone can become good at them but it takes years of practise. It also helps when you study those kinds of things. Knowing the basics is a good start.

It’s both good to be recognised by being an expert in one thing and being good at many things. Knowing different things well let’s you have variations. I would become bored if I only were good in one thing. If I had to choose one expertise, it would be photography. There will always be someone who is better than me. But at least I know things, not everyone does. That’s something to be proud of.