No change here but this

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I didn’t realize it’s been a month since I wrote a blog post. How time flies. No change here, but I have had other things to do. So much to watch on TV and online, so blogging hasn’t been on my mind lately. First of all, I have been watching ’24’ on Disney plus. It only cost 1.99 euros (2,24 dollars) for a month. It’s over soon, but I didn’t know they’ve had so many other TV shows to watch, so I think I won’t be cancelling it. They have many old shows like ‘The Golden girls’, ‘Bones’ and ‘The Muppets show’. Then there are new ones, like ‘Loki’ (I already watched that) and ‘WandaVision’. The problem with the channel is that it buffers a lot on the laptop, even if I have a fast connection. I don’t think I want to pay for something that gives me problems. I have the app, too, but the screen is too small to watch for a longer time. I prefer a bigger screen. I usually wouldn’t pay for a channel because most of them only have one or two contents that interest me. It’s the reason why Netflix has never interested me.

What comes to other things, there is no change. If there was something, I probably already forgot about it, or it’s not worth mentioning. Until next time.

Writing 101, Day 1: Unlock the mind

Unlock the mind you say. You ask for it. Don’t complain if you don’t like it. Yadda yadda in 20 minutes. Yes sir I can boogie. ♫Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear me, Happy birthday to me♫ I feel like Mr Bean. He has no friends either. I buy my own gifts but at least I know what I get. Watched 24 Live another day yesterday. Gosh it’s good. I didn’t even know why Jack Bauer is a traitor. 5 minutes gone.

Then I forgot where it ended last time. It is 4 years ago so how would I have guessed. Jack Bauer I mean. Still with me? They think he tries to kill the president of United States but he just want to save your bloody ass. Don’t they get it, morons. Yesterday the new episode of Game of thrones was shown in the US. I haven’t watched it yet. The same with Halt and catch fire with Lee Pace. How soon I forget. Well it wasn’t on Finnish TV anyway. Internet is the one and only. Soon 10 minutes gone and I’m not even half way. Did I mention Lee Pace. Should I post this entry. I already did post today. It’s my birthday so what a hell. 10 minutes gone.

Tick tack, brain fell a sleep. That’s what you get when you listen to Duran Duran. Love them. That’s enough of that. Are you sleeping or why are you quiet? Oh bloody blog thing. It’s like talking to a wall. Like Twitter and Facebook. But boo, who cares. I was saying. Ok Lee Pace. Why is he in my head? All I need to know. Oh that was a Duran Duran song. The sun is shining. But I hate it when it’s everywhere. In your eyes especially. Who want to read this nonsense. Not so much to write in this 5 minutes. It’s over soon. Fun to read how much crap I wrote. Five more.

Minutes I mean. I forgot what I was talking about. Some people are morons. Like that one idiot putting the light on in the stairs when the sun is shining. Then those idiot parking their cars on the payment. Back to driving school you jackass. There’s a jackass born every minute and a lot of those live in Finland. Finnish idiots. Idiots of the world. Everyone shut up. Especially the idiots downstairs. You call that singing. Ok that Lee Pace went away and the 20 minutes is up. Nice to know you. I’m fading in the shadows in. Like now.


Weekly Writing Challenge: My Lists on TV


Lists, lists and more lists. Sounds a bit boring but here I am, making one. Lists can be fun to write though.

To the point. Here’s a top 20 list of TV shows I watched through the years. I excluded comedy shows. That’s a list for another day. Want to know what they are all about, just click on the links.

Every episode is a nerve-wracking experience. It ends with a cliffhanger every time. I’ve loved it since the first episode. The series continues with 24:Live another day which starts here June 1. Jack Bauer is da man.

Game of Thrones
I heard about the praise about this show so I decided to watch an episode to see what the fuss was all about. The first episode was a bit confusing. So many characters so it was difficult to know which was which. I always (well almost) give a new TV show a 2 or 3 views before I decide to watch it or not. Same with this. Then it went to the next episode. After that, on and on. Now it’s already season 4. I found it online so now I’m up to date. The real season why I actually started to watch it, was because Sean Bean was in it. Of course he dies there too. What a surprise 😀 Great show except all the hanky panky going on, which is a bit over the top at times.

Blue bloods
The shows is about the daily life of the Reagan family. This a show that has taken a slow start on Finnish TV. In the States it’s already on its 4th season and here it’s only 2nd. The reason I like it is because it’s more laid-back and not so much violence. It has serious issues as well. It’s about family values and it’s not everyday you see families eating dinner at the same table. It also good because Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg is in it. It’s great chemistry between the other actors. If I could be a part of any family on TV, they would be it.

Person of interest
The Machine that gives the number who’s in danger or not. Mr Finch does the thinking while Mr Reese does the action. This is one of the shows that you fall in love from the 1st episode. And of course Jim Caviezel is easy on the eye too. He’s one of the reasons I started to watch it. Also because you never know who’s bad or who’s good.

This was a show I used to watch with my mother. It’s about Adrian Monk, a detective, whose wife Trudy gets killed and he goes all weird. But he’s a genius. He gets the work done. I think there’s a little bit of Adrian Monk in me too. Not as neurotic as him though. They’re showing reruns at the moment over here.

BBC Sherlock
I’ve mentioned about this before on this blog so I make it short. I never thought I would become a fan of this show but that’s all because of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

CSI Las Vegas
Nothing is better than the original. Every episode is different. There’s a lot of TV shows that are based on detectives or lawyers but not so much about those that follow the evidence. I’ve seen this show since the 1st episode and it’s still great. Actors might change but the show itself continues like always. Grissom has always been my favorite character and always will be.

This is the same kind of show but it’s based in New York. I wasn’t sceptic about this one. I just started watching it and never stopped. It really has grown on me.

CSI Miami
Same as above but it’s based in Miami. A shame it had to end. David “H” Caruso will always be the coolest man in television history.

Knight Rider
This was my favorite show when I was a kid. I loved it so much so I even named my soft toy chimp, K.I.T.T, after the car. With one “T” though. I will never understand why they bothered making a new version of the show. There always will be only one Michael Knight and that’s David “Looking for freedom” Hasselhoff no matter what people think about him now.

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