“Shaken not stirred?”

green cocktail

“Do I look like I give a damn?” – James Bond in Casino Royale

I’m a girl and I love James Bond movies, so what? It’s nothing to be shaken about. I like a lot of stuff girls don’t usually do. Like watching sport. Not football though because I find it boring. I watch sport for the interests and not because of some player or athlete. The same with James Bond. I see them as movies with a lot of action. I’ve heard girls say they don’t like it because of the way Bond treats women. It’s true in the old movies, girls were written as helpless but that’s how it was at the time. Women got a lot more to do in later years. If that’s the reason you don’t like Bond movies, then you don’t know much about them. If action is just not your thing, then I fully understand why you don’t like them. It’s true the movies probably have become a lot more violent and the storylines are weak but they still shake my soul.

I’ve seen every Bond movie ever made. Some even more than once. My all-time favourite Bond is Sean Connery and Daniel Craig the second. There’s always a lot of talk about who should play Bond. Some even suggested it could be a woman. Sorry but I don’t see it. If she acted like Bond, she would be called a prostitute. It’s not my opinion, it’s the society. Females are not supposed to act like men and if they did, they would be called easy. It would just be really weird if Bond was a woman, that’s all.
Before Daniel Craig decides he would do Bond again, there all kinds of rumours circled around in the media which actor would play Bond next. It included Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba. Just because someone looks good in a suit doesn’t mean that role would suit them. I think both of them declined anyway. Thank for that. It should still be a British actor because why break tradition? Why should it even be an actor people already know? Someone new is always welcome. Either way, some will never be satisfied. There’s always someone who judges the decision before the actor has even hit the big screen.

Other option would be to stop making these Bond movies altogether. Maybe one day they will because nothing lasts forever. As long as they have ideas the movies will grow. I’m sure I’m gonna enjoy each one of them. Once something has shaken my soul, it will stay there forever. I could watch Bond movies over and over again without getting bored. Especially the ones with Daniel Craig because I have them on DVD. Not just the movies but also the behind-the-scenes footages. You can learn a lot about moviemaking when you watch those. It’s very interesting stuff. At least for me. James Bond is forever.

You infected me with Hiddlestoner

proud hiddlestoner textBefore everything was fine. There were no distractions. At least not this kind. Then I got infected with Hiddlestoner. Fandom of British actor, Tom Hiddleston. Every person in a fandom is different. A different perspective. For some, it can just be someone they admire or look up to. Then there are those who want to marry them. Of course, that’s just a fantasy. It won’t come true. Besides that kind of thoughts disappear as soon as they meet a person in real life. Being a fan is not only for teenagers. On Urban Dictionary there is kind of funny description of what a Hiddlestoner is. Some people can take it a bit too far but as long as it’s only harmless fun no harm done.

I wouldn’t really feel comfortable calling myself a real Hiddlestoner. I don’t go searching for info or photos of him. They just happen to appear somewhere. Mostly on Pinterest these days. Somethings I don’t want to know.  Like his personal life because that’s not my business. It feels a bit weird being called a fan because he’s so much more than an actor to me. Sometimes I wish he could just be someone you meet in a normal situation. Then again if he was just a so-called ordinary person, I wouldn’t know about him. Let’s face it, you won’t find a person like him on the street. Especially in my country. He wouldn’t even notice me, actor or not. So it wouldn’t really matter what the situation would be. How does anyone really know what he’s really like? Maybe it’s just good branding. Be nice and charming and the admires will come. I’m not saying it’s all an act. I did fall for that same “marketing strategy” A lot later but still.

I see a lot of these “oh he’s so perfect” Sorry but he’s not. No one is. In interviews, he only tells you what he wants you to know. Anyone have their flaws so he’s no different from the rest of us. Famous people, in general, are put up on a pedestal and people see them as “perfect” But they’re still human but a lot of money to spend. A lot of these fangirls of Tom probably think everything he does or says is perfect. Not even his acting is perfect. That’s a part you can improve in though. He might look perfect but still not totally flawless. I do admit it was his appearance I noticed first. I actually didn’t even know how he looked like until I saw the video on Youtube with the Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster. I knew about Loki but I hadn’t cared about Marvel movies at all. After I saw ‘The Night Manager’ I knew there was no turn back. So thank you, Tom, for destroying another life.