Advent calendar Box 2

advent calendar 2What Christmas means depends on what age you are. When I was a child, it was very important. My parents, my grandmother, me and my sister were all there on the Christmas Eve. Presents and the Santa Claus was part of it. Everything then was a mystery. But as the older I got, the less important it was. Our family decreased and the whole holiday became just like another day. Even though it’s not quite like that since I’ll be going abroad this year too.

I still think Christmas is time to relax. I like the whole spirit of it. But I think it’s more of a family with kids celebration. When I get old, I don’t think I’ll celebrate it. I’m just gonna enjoy the silence when the neighbours are away. At least I hope they will. Unless I move to the country where they’re miles away. I don’t think loneliness will be a problem. I always find something to do. Of course, I hope there will be someone to celebrate it with but if not, that’s alright too.

I’m not that into Christmas food. First of all, the only thing I ate when I was younger was ham, different fishes, rutabaga casserole and Finnish beetroot salad. The other thing is, I’m too lazy to do any of these foods. Doing all this alone is too much work. Store bought doesn’t taste that good. I’m picky about food and that goes with the Christmas dishes too. Unless it’s chocolate. Then it’s more than welcome. No matter what I age I become, that will never change.

Advent Calendar, Day 3

blurry squirrelWaiting for Christmas is not only for humans. It’s also for animals. They probably don’t even know what it is. If they did, they would really like people to look after them. That’s what Christmas should be about, caring. For pets it’s much easier but for animals in the wild are out there without any protection. Finding food in the snow is a challenge in itself. People in the city can help them with that. Putting breadcrumbs or seeds for birds in an automatic feeder. There’s a lot of DIY ideas online about how to make one yourself. It can also be a simple bird feeder. The best place to have it on are the garden or yard. If you live in an apartment building it can be forbidden to feed birds but then you can find a place in a park where you can take the bird food to.

There’s quite a lot of squirrels in the cemetery. Sometimes people bring old bread or something to feed them. They’re quite tame but they still can bite your finger off. Wild animals are still wild no matter how close they are to humans.
Finnish squirrels are a bit different from American ones. Here they have pointy ears with a tasses on top. Squirrels are one of my favorite animals. They’re really cute and cuddly. They can be quite quick so photographing them is quite a challenge when they move. In the winter their fur turn whitish so they can blend into the background. It’s amazing how they can eat and look around their surroundings at the same time. There are people who doesn’t like them because they dig in the ground. But then they shouldn’t have gardens in the first place. Wild animals need to eat and their eating habits can’t be changed no matter how much humans want them too.

If you begin to feed birds and small animals, that habit should continue every winter. It’s not only around Christmas, humans should be caring for animals. It should be all year around.







Advent Calendar, Day 1

Christmas decorationToday it’s December 1. This idea might be like an echo in a silent cave. In other words, to deaf ears. Anyway, I don’t really know what this is supposed to be. I’ll try to post every day something. It might be photos I’ve taken or poems. It has something to do with Christmas or Christmas things.

This first post is more of an introduction so here’s a poem.

December 1 

It’s December, not November

It’s Christmas time, a time for kids and kids at heart

Oh no not again you might say

But wait, there’s more

It’s December 1st and not the last

A Christmas calendar is waiting

Waiting is the exiting thing

Be a kid and not an adult

Forget presents, it’s the time together that counts

Christmas is enjoying, not to get stressed

It’s December first and it just grows my thirst

Enjoy it while it lasts because it goes fast

Have a advent calendar and count the days

That’s what I do and so should you

It’s December 1st