Job search is a chore

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There are very unpleasant chores like cleaning the bathroom and then there a chore a lot of people need to do to survive. That is a job search. Sorry for writing a post about it again but the word ‘chore’ is kind of a boring subject. It’s not even fun to write about. Writing about a job search is not that either so it’s actually a chore as well. An unpleasant thing, a routine. People with jobs don’t need to worry about job search the same way as a person without one. It seems people with a job can find a new job much easier. For a long-term unemployed (in Finland it’s over 500 days) it’s absolute hell. It’s so easy to say “get a job, any job” Does these people have any idea how job search works? You have to apply to them. You won’t get hired by just asking. Maybe they still live in the 1950s or something. Is not easy at all, I tell you that. Nothing is certain. Not even for those with a job. You can be laid off any day because of co-operation negotiations. If you get a job somewhere else, then you must be really lucky. Luck is what you need in a job search. Someone who tells you otherwise is lying. Being unemployed is more difficult than for others. They have families to support. Living on welfare is something no one voluntarily wants to be in forever.

While searching about job search on Google, I came across some forums where they spoke about their unemployment. Some of the comments were so stupid. One who had allergies and couldn’t be a nurse for example and this other person replies. “Why don’t they wear gloves? Or some other excuse. Those things won’t help. Having allergies myself, that’s the worse suggestion anyone could make. None of that will help. Even if you cover yourself up until you sweat like a pig, you still can’t do the job. Your allergies could only get worse. You can’t force someone to do a job they’re not suitable for. People who don’t understand about limitations shouldn’t give advice about job search at all. If you can do any job, then you really are lucky. You can apply to that nursery job or cleaning people’s houses. Some of us can’t do jobs like that. Besides, we can’t all be nurses, cleaners or even telemarketers. When you have limitations, you can’t change it.

This claim, if you really want work, you’ll find it, really is one a pet peeve of mine. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what the companies want. You can apply to hundreds of companies but you don’t even get an interview. If you really want to have the job you want, you must become self-employed. But not everyone is up to that either. It’s a shame job search seem to be for the extroverts. Marketing yourself and mastering the interview is like a nightmare for an introvert. Even if there are tips online for an introvert, they won’t work. At least not for me. I never know what comes out of my mouth or if anything at all. I haven’t got that many interviews to begin with so I can’t gain experience from job interviews. But I know how they will end. No job. Maybe I should retire and live on my savings because this job search is going nowhere. But I’m too young and my pension would be really small because I’ve never had a paid job. I’m also healthy so I can work. There are people who are too ill to work but they still are forced to look for one. Those are the ones who need to retire.

I’m too old to be changing occupations. My situation is different from the ones who write online about their job search. I found an occupation I like the best and I’m sticking to it. I have the skill, the age and the attitude. If that’s not good enough, I will find another way to find a job. If you give in, then you give in and that’s not an option.

Allergic to you

dust on tarmacI’m not allergic to food or animals but I am allergic to dust, sweat, strong smells and cigarette smoke. I’ve mentioned before about my atopic eczema. If I was allergic to food I could choose what to eat. But when it comes to fragrances, there are things and places that are difficult to avoid. When you’re around people, there’s always someone who wears too much perfume. Or smoker who just been outside. That’s the worse smell ever, a person who has just smoked. I can hardly breathe if someone like that is close by. When smoking was still allowed in pubs and cruise ships, my skin reacted to the smoke. It got itchy and I had dry skin for days. Luckily, they forbid smoking inside and now it’s much nicer to travel on ships. Except for my skin still gets dry but that’s because of the bedclothes in the cabins that are washed with strong detergent.

I can’t sweat so running and other “sweaty” things should be avoided. If I do run, my skin becomes itchy and it’s really unpleasant. That’s why I hate if I’m late and I have to run. I can’t do physical work. Any job where you have to wash your hands often or use strong detergents is bad for me. Even hot weather makes my skin itch. I can’t stay in the sun for too long either. In winter the eczema is the worse. In the summer it’s not that bad. Some people think it’s contagious but it’s not. It doesn’t look very nice but you won’t get it if you touch someone. My allergy is mild compared to what others might have. Some have it on their hands but luckily I haven’t. Mine is mostly on my face and arms. Sometimes my face is so red, I’m not very willing to go outside. I use an emollient cream which seems to work. Moisturizers that doesn’t contain alcohol is good for me. I have to use fragrance-free products but luckily there’s quite a lot to choose from. Wearing wool on bare skin makes me itchy. When I was younger, I was so embarrassed for having eczema on my arms so I wore long-sleeved shirts all summer. As I got older I noticed wearing short sleeves made it better. It’s the sweat that makes the skin itchy.

House dust and especially during cleaning makes my nose run. I begin to sneeze and sometimes I get a 24-hour flu because of it. That’s the reason I don’t like dusting. Dust also make my face itch. The dust outside in the spring also gives me mild reactions but not as much as inside. Sometimes I think maybe I should hire a cleaner because of my condition but I don’t like strangers touching my things. Besides, housekeepers cost money and I rather clean my flat myself. Anyone with an allergy of any kind knows life isn’t peachy but you learn to live with your imperfections.