Allergic to you

dust on tarmacI’m not allergic to food or animals but I am allergic to dust, sweat, strong smells and cigarette smoke. I’ve mentioned before about my atopic eczema. If I was allergic to food I could choose what to eat. But when it comes to fragrances, there are things and places that are difficult to avoid. When you’re around people, there’s always someone who wears too much perfume. Or smoker who just been outside. That’s the worse smell ever, a person who has just smoked. I can hardly breathe if someone like that is close by. When smoking was still allowed in pubs and cruise ships, my skin reacted to the smoke. It got itchy and I had dry skin for days. Luckily, they forbid smoking inside and now it’s much nicer to travel on ships. Except for my skin still gets dry but that’s because of the bedclothes in the cabins that are washed with strong detergent.

I can’t sweat so running and other “sweaty” things should be avoided. If I do run, my skin becomes itchy and it’s really unpleasant. That’s why I hate if I’m late and I have to run. I can’t do physical work. Any job where you have to wash your hands often or use strong detergents is bad for me. Even hot weather makes my skin itch. I can’t stay in the sun for too long either. In winter the eczema is the worse. In the summer it’s not that bad. Some people think it’s contagious but it’s not. It doesn’t look very nice but you won’t get it if you touch someone. My allergy is mild compared to what others might have. Some have it on their hands but luckily I haven’t. Mine is mostly on my face and arms. Sometimes my face is so red, I’m not very willing to go outside. I use an emollient cream which seems to work. Moisturizers that doesn’t contain alcohol is good for me. I have to use fragrance-free products but luckily there’s quite a lot to choose from. Wearing wool on bare skin makes me itchy. When I was younger, I was so embarrassed for having eczema on my arms so I wore long-sleeved shirts all summer. As I got older I noticed wearing short sleeves made it better. It’s the sweat that makes the skin itchy.

House dust and especially during cleaning makes my nose run. I begin to sneeze and sometimes I get a 24-hour flu because of it. That’s the reason I don’t like dusting. Dust also make my face itch. The dust outside in the spring also gives me mild reactions but not as much as inside. Sometimes I think maybe I should hire a cleaner because of my condition but I don’t like strangers touching my things. Besides, housekeepers cost money and I rather clean my flat myself. Anyone with an allergy of any kind knows life isn’t peachy but you learn to live with your imperfections.


Smelly cat (part 2)


The worst smell in the world is smokers. There lives a few in my building and in my dad’s as well. You can’t be in peace anywhere. Even sweat smell better than cigarettes. I wrote a post about that before. This post is the 2nd part of it.

The other disgusting fragrance is people who wear too much of it. I have an atopic skin and strong smells are bad for me. I have to hold my breath and I start to sneeze. I get eczema if I’m around strong smells for too long. That’s one of the reasons I can’t work as a cleaner or in a working environment with strong detergents. It’s the same with cigarette smoke. I just can’t be around smokers. When smoking was allowed in restaurants or pubs, I couldn’t be there. Now they all outside so I can’t be there either. Either way, I never go to pubs anyway because they’re boring.
Some people have no respect for others. They splash their perfumes like they haven’t showered for years and then they get out in public to spread their odours around. I can’t even walk past a perfume shelf in the store without feeling a headache. I always walk pass them while holding my nose. Even if I used perfume on myself in the past, I always sneeze so I don’t use it anymore.

I don’t know what kind of poison people use when they wash their clothes. Every time I go to the laundry room in my dad’s building, there’s always an awful smell in there. There are washing powders that don’t smell but some seem to buy something cheap. Maybe they put more than they should. It’s probably something that is bad for the environment. That’s the problem with having to use the same laundry room as other people. Sometimes I wish we had a washing machine of our own but the problem is a lack of space to put the things to dry. You just have to accept how things are. So far I haven’t got any other symptoms than eczema. Some people are even more sensitive to strong smells than I am. For them, fragrances are a nightmare. If people would be more considerate of others, then people with hypersensitivity of fragrances could enjoy life more. Instead of using perfumes or aftershave for men, how about taking a shower instead. Clean is the new fragrance and the ozone layer will thank you.