Happy Birthday to me

happy birthday
Photo by Giftpundits.com on Pexels.com

♫Happy Birthday to me♫ And to Wentworth Miller. And my celebrity twin, actor Zachary Quinto. Born the same year as well. Of course ♫Happy Birthday to you♫ who’s ever birthday it is today. Birthdays are not the way they used to. When you’re a kid it’s a big deal but not so much when you get older. You don’t even need any presents. All you want is peace in the world and stop the hate. Everyday and not only birthdays.

racism is never ok
Made it in Canva

It’s unbelievable that racism still exists in our society. Not only discrimination against the coloured but also different sexualities, disabled and even age discrimination. What is so difficult to respect people who are different from you? I just don’t get these people who spread hate. How would the world look like if everyone was the same? You don’t need to agree but using violence is stupid. They act like spoilt brats who’s parents never loved. Even if your parents were rotten, it doesn’t mean you have to act the same way. Some people live in the past and it’s pathetic. Everyone has the right to be here and even those haters but please don’t spread it around because you got issues. The worst problem is an attitude problem. I’m glad I’m not one of those people. It’s a waste of energy to hate anyway. Love is all you need, right? If people loved more there wouldn’t need to be a curfew but now because these idiots, people aren’t feeling safe.

This won’t spoil my birthday. Even if nothing much will happen. Only good food and easy evening. So happy birthday to me. Stay safe and don’t let these circumstances let you down.

I wanted color but they gave me black

colourful shirts hanging on a rack
Made in Canva

It’s getting darker outside earlier and earlier. But what kind of color are clothes? Black of course. It doesn’t make any sense. When it’s dark outside, your clothes should have color. A lot of people wear dark clothes because that’s what the clothing stores are full of. In a country like Finland, our clothes should be in color this time of year. I tried to find a jacket for Autumn but all I did find was black ones. I wanted color but they gave me black. There was one in yellow but that’s not my color. I had to settle for a black one that I found online. Clothes don’t need to be bright colors but at least something besides black. I like wearing black like most people but I also want to wear something with color. Finns are probably too shy to wear colorful clothes so they dress like everyone else. Especially men. How about wearing blue for a change or any of those decent colors. And I don’t mean that blue you find in jeans. Maybe they should get that dress sense first. Some of the Finnish men seem to never have looked at fashion in their whole life. You don’t have to follow fashion but looking in the mirror once in a while shouldn’t be so hard.

Color makes life less dull. It lifts peoples spirit. There is a lot of color in the trees and fallen leaves on the ground. So there is color above and below. Today I went on a short bike trip and I should have taken my camera with me. I didn’t think I would need it but it was so beautiful so it was a shame I didn’t take it with me. I should go and take photos of nature’s color before all the leaves fall off the trees. We had nice and warm weather and it will continue a few days so it’s much nicer to photograph. There’s always tomorrow. When all the leaves have fallen and the leaves rotten it gets dull again. You should take the opportunity while the beauty lasts because the next day all the colors could be gone. It’s all gonna be black and grey after that because people don’t dress in color when they should. It’s not really nature that makes things look dull in the winter. It’s the people who are afraid to look different from the rest. Or maybe it’s the fashion designers?

Color is not only in clothes and nature, but it can also be in a personality. It doesn’t have to be someone who does wild things. Like doing drugs or party hard. A colorful person can be someone who you never have a dull moment with. They have an opinion they’re not afraid to say out loud. Madonna is a person like that. She’s never been afraid to be different. She has proven many times that a woman can be whatever she wants to. There are many females who have succeeded in a man’s world. Actually, the whole world is colorful. If everyone would look the same and be the same, the world would be dull. Everyone needs color. If you don’t see color with your own eyes, at least have color in your mind. You just have to find it yourself.