Blogging 201 (last day): Make the Most of Events

That, that’s all folks.

Good things come to an end. If you can call it good. It might have been fun for some but for me it didn’t give anything new. But I did get more followers so at least something useful came out of this.

So the last one is about Events. For an introvert it’s like kryptonite is to Superman or The Joker is to Batman. I’ve never been into events. I haven’t even been to a real concert. Just the thought of a place full of strangers, gives me the creeps. I could never go to any event even if it’s close by. The point with the internet is, not having to meet people in real life. I have never even considered meeting people who I follow on FB or any social media. I rather just meet people online. It takes a lot before I can take a step like that.

So blogging events of any kind is a big NO. I’m not that desperate to promote my blog.

So I guess it’s downhill from now on.

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Your wish is my command

Might be a stupid idea but here it goes.

Sometimes I have the urge to write something but I don’t know what. There’s so much in the world that I could write about. But what does people actually want to read. There’s so much bad happening in this world but sometimes you just want to read about positive things. Things like entertainment, art, photography or anything in between. (OK maybe not art that much since I don’t know much about it. And I can’t draw or paint that well. Painters are not my special expertise either) But I hope you got the point about what I meant with positive things.

Taking part in the Blogging 201 has got me thinking about what people really want. Really, really want (Spice girls comes back 2 haunt me again :D) Without readers, there won’t be a blog.

So if you’re still awake after reading this post. Could you be so kind and suggest me something to write about. Or maybe you want to ask my opinion about something. Don’t worry, suggestions will be safe with me, if you like.

Suggestions in this box

Suggestions are also welcomed in the comments box below.

Have a nice day/evening/night. Thank you.