Bloganuary: What is your favorite photo you’ve ever taken?

break dancer on the floor
Split-second by taken by me, 2014

Day 20. Now a prompt I’m familiar with. I have taken photos for over 25 years or so. It isn’t easy to know what my favourite photo is. But this one could be it. I never seem to catch moving subjects. They get blurry. But I manage to get this one. It’s from a dance show on a cruising ship. I took many photos from the show, but this one was the one I managed to ‘catch’. It’s breakdance which goes really fast. It’s taken with Canon EOS D40. Even if I have studied photography, I still don’t get the exposure, apertures, etc. I tried a lot, but still, I find it challenging to photograph moving things. I prefer to take nature and architecture photos.

More of my photos can be found here.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A lost art

A lost art can be as simple as closing a door or a gate. It seems there are people who don’t know how to close one behind them. Strange that they can open them but not close it. Same with lights. Everything seems to be automatic these days so people forget how to do things on their own.

Another thing that seems difficult for people, is talking face to face. You see people walking down the streets with their noses in their expensive iPhones and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. They can’t go anywhere without them. Some even use them while driving which is stupid and dangerous. It seems they are addicted to them. You see people in buses, trains or any other vehicle playing with their phones. Surfing the net seems to be more important than human relations.
As an introvert, talking to strangers is difficult but I don’t want to be online all the time. But even extroverts rather chat with people online than offline. That’s a lost art that should not be forgotten. Humans need to interact with people outside the internet.

An art that should disappear is “Selfies” (should be called Selfish) and good quality camera phones. “Selfies” is so old and boring. It was fun at first but now it’s everywhere. Since when have people become so self-centered? Didn’t their parents give them enough of attention or why is taking pictures of yourself so important? Even athletes keeps posting them on Twitter. Enough is enough. It just takes all the fun out of social media.
Camera phones is another art that should be lost. Now everybody think they’re pro photographers. Phones shouldn’t replace real cameras. It seems quantity is more important than quality. A phone is a phone and a camera is a camera. They should never have been combined. The fact is, camera phones will never be as good as real camera. In the end anyone can take photos but how many can take good ones? Think about that.