Resisting a temptation

sweet things collage
Made with Canva. Cookie photo by me.

Everyone has weaknesses and resisting a temptation is not easy. Unless you have great self-control. I usually have. I never tried smoking or drinking alcohol like a lot of people. I wasn’t one of those who followed my friends examples. But don’t think I don’t have bad habits. I’m no angel but things I can’t resist isn’t disturbing like e.g. smoking.

My weakness has always been sweet things. Like candy/sweets. When it comes to beverages it’s soft drinks. I began a test at the beginning of January by not drinking soft drinks at all. People have an alcohol free month in January so I thought I would try the same with soft drinks. It wasn’t because I drank too much of it or to lose weight. I did it because I wanted to test my own self-control. I thought I couldn’t resist the temptation. January was over and I still hadn’t bought any soft drinks. So I decided to continue with the strike. Months went by and still didn’t buy them.

But guess what? I made it. Now it’s soon been 6 months and no soft drinks. That’s a milestone to be proud of. I haven’t even had the urge to buy any and I think I’ll continue this trend. I have bought non-alcoholic cider and different juices though. The test was for soft drinks and not that so it doesn’t count. Life is too short to count calories and stop enjoying foods that are too bad for you. Too much is too much. I don’t believe in dieting. As long as you don’t get too overweight and you keep your eating habits under control. Being too thin is not good. I rather enjoy life than spend my time wondering what food is bad or good.

I told my dad about my no soft drink policy and he asked if it had changed anything. I don’t know, that wasn’t the main thing, I replied. The point was resisting temptation and not to get results. Maybe it has had an effect on my teeth. Or not since I still eat sweets. I really try to eat less of that too. Once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth. I think I always gonna eat them but don’t think eating is all I do. I also exercise and that’s mainly walking or cycling. I made 2 long bike trips this week and the weather was kind of hot. If you eat fattening foods, you should also move your body and not just sit still. You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. Going outside is much more fun and you get some air to breathe.

After every milestone, you should award yourself with something sweet. It doesn’t even need to be candy/sweets. It can be a fruit of any kind. Nothing beats candy/sweets though. You can eat it as much as you can but if you don’t stop at least for some time, it will come back and bite you in the… I have stopped drinking soft drinks and that’s sure is resisting a temptation. I award myself with a glass of water. Cheers!

I could eat you for breakfast

two chocolate barsEating is not really my favourite thing to do but when it comes to sweets/candy and especially chocolate I wouldn’t say no to that. But I don’t just eat any kind of chocolate. It shouldn’t be too sweet or too strong. I tried chocolate with chilli flavour once but that was the worse sweet/candy I ever tasted. Chocolate should be pure without any special flavours. Even if I do eat them every now and then. At the moment I eat Oreo filled and creamy biscuit chocolate. They’re kind of sweet so I eat just a few rows in a day. My favourite chocolate is Finnish because they’re sweet in a fair amount. Dark chocolate is the best. I can’t understand how someone can eat white chocolate. It’s not even real since there’s no cocoa in them.

Chocolate is definitely my favourite snack to eat. I could eat them for breakfast. You would think I would become overweight for eating so much of it. People who put on weight probably gonna hate me but I never seem to gain weight. I’m been told I weigh too little. I guess it’s because I exercise and well, I’m born with it. Weight has never been a problem for me so I’ve never been on a diet. If you eat fattening foods and sit all day, it’s no wonder you gain weight. This doesn’t mean I’m skinny but I’m not overweight either. I have my lazy days and eat chocolate but yet I stay the same weight. Too much it’s too much no matter what a person eats. There are better and healthier snacks than chocolate but if you’re a sweet tooth like me, you choose that instead.

I’ve had these moments where I haven’t bought a single chocolate bar or block for a month. The only sweet snack I ate were cookies/biscuits. So I’m not always eating chocolate and other sweets. It’s not good for the waistline and definitely not for your teeth. When I was a child I never had tooth decay but when I became an adult, I had lots of them. I guess it’s eating too many sweet things. I brush my teeth twice a day with toothpaste so I try to keep the cavities away. Dentists are expensive so I rather stay away from them. My self-control does fail me when it comes to chocolate. No matter how I try to resist, I just got to have it. Life without chocolate is like having no sun. Chocolate is a better vice than smoking because it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t give you cancer. In a fair amount, it’s good for your health when it’s dark chocolate. Some put chocolate on their skin but it’s meant to be eaten and not to be used as a beauty product.