Advent calendar Box 14

advent calendar 14May the force be with you. I went to see ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi‘ today. The movie series is a legend in itself. This is not a movie review so there won’t be any spoilers. What I will say is, when I saw Carrie Fisher on the screen, I did feel sadness she’s no longer with us. She was a legend and so is Mark Hamill. So it was great to see those two on the screen together for the last time. I really liked the movie. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

The force is real in this life too. It’s the force within you. You can either give up or you can keep fighting to the end. If you give into negative thoughts, you will fall to the dark side. Meaning, you can begin to hate and do awful things to other people because all those negative thoughts had taken over your mind. If you have more positive thoughts, you stay on the good side. You don’t get manipulated easily by negativity. A strong person has good willpower and walks their own path without caring what others might think. A person who has in their own mind been treated wrongly begin to treat others like dirt. But if a person is strong, they understand they can’t change the past. It’s the positive force in you that keep you away from harm.

I think my force within has become stronger. It hasn’t always been like that. There have been times I felt I wasn’t good enough. I still have those moments when everything seems too impossible and I just want to quit. But I haven’t felt desperation. People who have done me wrong haven’t been around in my life for years. The best revenge has been not having any contact with those people. They never did deserve my friendship or any of my time. If life was a movie, I would be a very bad villain. I just wouldn’t care how people have treated me in the past. I would have moved on ages ago. A character like Kylo Ren who hasn’t got away from his past but instead decides to get revenge. That’s a typical villain that you see in movies all the time. If you sink that low, nothing will change. Hate is a wasted feeling which is why I don’t dwell on something that has already happened.

One thing that I will say about ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’. There is no post-credit scene so no need to stay to the end. That was just an observation. May the strong force be within you and be your own legend.

Ovation to our heroes

may the force be with you

David Bowie
Leonard Cohen
George Michael

And now Carrie Fisher.

All these heroes of ours have all left this earth this year. What they all have in common is the legacy they left behind. I could go on and on about it but this post is more of an appreciation to them. They should be remembered for what good they did. It’s easy to remember negative things about people you don’t know personally. No one is perfect, not even those in the public eye. Some people seem to forget that they’re only human. They just happen to have a talent that had made them famous.

We all lucky to have experienced their great skills. They’ve entertained us with their music or movies. They made our lives easier to handle. Unfortunately they had paid a price for doing so. If it’s because of their fame or the pressure the press gives them. But they did something not many can. They made a great impression to a lot of people and tried to make this world a better place. They are our heroes who should get all the ovation they can get.

Since the deaths of George Michael and Carrie Fisher are the recent ones and most shocking to me, I write about that. I was on the cruise ship from Riga on Christmas Day. I was watching TV in the cabin and I watched a Swedish channel. I looked on the teletext and then I saw it, George Michael had died. He’s one of my favorite artists so I couldn’t believe it. It was quite shocking. The same when Prince died. I liked him since the late 80’s. I think ‘Careless whisper’ was the first video and song I heard of him. I was too young to remember the Wham days. I got their cassette years later. We got cable in 1987 or 1988 where they showed music videos. I think it was Sky (current Sky1) or Super channel (current NBC Europe) at the time. What’s so great about music is that it never dies. It’s not always that way that songs can still sound great years or even decades later. George Michael’s music is one of them. Actually I’m listen to those right now. His voice is amazing and he sure will be missed. The best one’s seems to die way too soon. RIP George Michael.

Today another death news. Before Christmas Carrie Fisher suffers a heart attack and today she’s gone. This year really has been a disaster when it comes to the entertaining business. It’s like there’s a curse that takes or our heroes away. At first I wasn’t really interested in Star Wars movies but when I saw one, I thought it wasn’t bad at all. I’ve seen all of them (except this new one, Rogue something) and the oldest ones are definitely the best. I’m the same age as the first one. It got Princess Leia for heaven’s sake. She might have been young boys fantasies but a role model for young girls. That girl could kick some a$$. I could not imagine anyone else playing that role than Carrie. It’s such a shame someone like her wasn’t allowed to stay on this earth any longer. For her mother, this is the greatest loss a mother can have. It wasn’t just a loss for her family and friends, it was also a loss for all of us. There will be one more on the big screen performance in ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ which comes out next December. She gave a lot to this world and we should always remember that. RIP Carrie Fisher.