Living on my own

Made in Canva

A lot of people complain about their relationship status. They’re trying to find The One. Finding that partner to make them feel alive. Some of them are afraid to die alone. What’s so bad about that anyway? You probably gonna do that anyway. No one knows how they’re gonna die. So that’s not really a good reason. Maybe some need someone in their life but I don’t. I like living on my own. I’m like Peter Pan who don’t want to do adult stuff like dating. Who would even want to date me? I never even liked anyone enough to date them. Only men who I can’t have. Relationships have too much drama. I’ve got other things to do and think about. Unless someone like Tom Hiddleston comes along (Which he isn’t) Then I could consider dating.

I don’t find anything good about being in a relationship. Men probably want someone who can substitute their mother. I don’t know what’s so wrong about being single. You read about these celebrities having a new relationship as soon as the old is over. Where do they find a new one that fast? Is there a store where you can find them? Then they only date other celebs. What’s that about? Being an ordinary person is not good enough for them? When I see celebs actually being married or dating a so-call normal person, I salute them. But they probably met through a friend or working behind the scenes in something. I don’t mean I would want to date a celebrity. In some cases, I hate the word ‘celebrity’ because they’re more than that to me.  A shame no one of these people is ordinary that you can meet in your local store.

Living on your own is so much better. You can stay up as late as you like without having to hear, “Close that television and go to sleep, will you?” You can clean your flat when you feel like it. You only need to wash your own clothes. You don’t have to take care of anyone else but yourself. You can watch anything on television without having to argue about it. You can meet your friends when it best suits you. Just to mention a few. Not everyone wants to have other people around all the time. If you want company you can go outside and see other people.

If you want an ordinary life with a husband and 1,5 kids then it’s your choice. But don’t go around telling others they should too because it’s so ‘wonderful’ There are people who don’t want that kind of life. Relatives are the worse in this case. They expect you to be like everyone else. Everything that goes on in your life, is no concern of theirs. You should be allowed to keep things to yourself. I don’t go and tell people how to live their life so I expect them to do the same. What I dislike the most is people telling me what to do. Forcing others to do things they don’t want to won’t help anyone. It just makes people agitated and conflict will arise. You need to accept differences and let people be (or do) what suits them the best.

Respect yourself and others

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Made in Canva

Find out what it means to me
-Respect by Aretha Franklin

Yesterday the music world was saddened with the news Aretha Franklin passed away at 76. I’ve only listened to some of her songs and ‘Respect‘ is one of them. I also saw her in the Blues Brothers movie. Even though her life had a lot of sorrow, she still managed to become very successful. It just proves you can become something no matter from what background you come from. Most of all you have to respect yourself. If you listen to criticism and negative thinking, you won’t get far. There is always someone who says you can’t do things because [excuse here] You should do things you like and not because something is popular or because someone says you shouldn’t. You should not only have respect for yourself but also have respect for others.

This MeToo campaign has proved men who can’t keep their hands to themselves have no respect for women (and some men too) Respect is learned from home. These creeps probably had a mother who didn’t teach their little boys to have respect. Some women also sexually harass men and that’s because they haven’t learned respect either. Then these paparazzi who follow celebrities have no respect for privacy. Celebrities are human too. They should have the right to go on holiday without having to worry about nosy and money hungry beasts. Not forgetting people who actually read these gossip columns. They’re part of the problem too. I would never want to be famous because then you’re public property and I couldn’t go anywhere without being harassed by disrespecting people. Besides, I hate people looking at me.

You should respect differences and not judge the book by its cover. We can’t all be the same. Every life is precious and you can’t decide who have the right to be on this earth. There’s a lot of prejudice in the world. Some think disabled people, for example, are dumb but if you look behind that disability, they’re like everyone else. I went to school with people with a disability and they were all very nice people. They have a totally different look on life. They’re even nicer than so-called normal people. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the same rights as others. Especially in work life. If they get a job, it’s usually without pay. There a lot of jobs disabled can do. Anyone can become disabled. You could get into an accident and then your life changes completely. I really have a full respect for people with a disability. We all could learn a lot from them.

Respect can be so easily lost. One big mistake and all that respect are gone. All those people you knew in the past turned out to be fake. You thought they were your friends and you respected them but then they turned against you. Telling lies about you and spreading rumours. They could have been people you looked up to but then they failed you. Those kinds you things, you know. Once that happens you will never get that respect back no matter how they try to ask for your forgiveness. You should treat people with respect and if they don’t respect you, they’re not worth having around. Life is too short to have toxic people in your life. Jealousy has always been around and the only thing to avoid it is to move these people from your life altogether.  The most important thing is your own happiness and having people around who have respect for you is part of it.

Too many things too much to know

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Post title from New Religion by Duran Duran

So many things so little time. Some things are not meant for the public eye. On social media, you can choose what you want to tell about yourself. The same with celebrities. You do have a choice. There are those celebrities that don’t talk about their private lives in public. They don’t have to tell anything if they don’t want to. Just because they’re in the public eyes, people don’t need to know everything about them. If you want to make a big number of yourself to get respect, then that’s your choice. But don’t complain about paparazzi and other media. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the public eye. I wouldn’t care less about celebrities personal lives. Who they’re dating and so on. That’s not my life. It won’t change anything. I’m not gonna lose sleep over something that is no concern of mine. I do have a life of my own. That’s an advice for gossip hungry people.

I’m glad I’m not famous. I would be a really bad one. I don’t even like people on the street looking at me. I prefer being cloaked. I want to keep private things private. That’s the reason I never write about personal things. I only blog about my thoughts about different subjects. I don’t even post photos of myself. Except for the one on the profiles. Besides, I’m not very photogenic but that’s not the reason. I want some anonymously. Some things are no concern of others. It doesn’t mean I have something to hide. Some people are too curious. They want to know who you’re dating. When you take a shower. Maybe not that though. I could have changed my blog to something else to get more followers and readers. But I didn’t. I’ve kept the same policy I’ve always had and it won’t change.