Domestic- the dark side of job search

man with a whip
Made in Canva. Photo: Pixabay

Even though the coronavirus thing is going on, people still need to find jobs. Especially young people who are looking for summer jobs. There is a lot of tips on how to make resumes. But the truth is, no matter how fancy your resume looks, if there is nothing to put in it, you won’t get the job. I don’t why people never talk about the domestic side of job search. These bosses probably have this fantasy that they want a young person so they can dominate them. Not literally but mentally. You don’t get your dream job without really good luck. All these job searching “tips” don’t work with everybody. The job courses are quite unnecessary too. It only gives jobs to the counsellors. The only time I had “luck” with these courses was when I found the web design education in 2016.

It’s been 3 years since that education but I haven’t done much web design since. I haven’t even got an internship in the field because you need to be young and/or study it. You can’t get experience if you don’t get a job anywhere. When you can’t practice at a job, then web design is not pleasant anymore. Maybe if I had found an internship after the education, maybe then I would have been more excited. Employers seem to want someone who is a “finished product” The same seems to happen to graphic design too. I wish I would have realised earlier what I wanted to do. Now it seems I’m too old. At least in the employer’s eyes. I wouldn’t even want to work for some domestic boss who tells me how to be. So maybe I’m just better off not having a job in design. At least I have a part-time job (might get back to work soon) or I wouldn’t have anything useful to do.

Then this LinkedIn business. If you do this, you get that and blah, blah. I think that platform is useless when it comes to job search. If you want domestic bosses and people, this is a place for you. You almost have to be popular if you get anything. What irritates me the most about LinkedIn is this how many new connections people get. I have only six. I don’t know how people get any new one’s. I doubt they know that many. LinkedIn is not like Twitter where you add random people. I don’t know anyone so therefore I don’t have many connections. It’s like school all over. I didn’t have many friends there either. Another thing is jobs you find on LinkedIn. Sometimes I get notifications about jobs I don’t even have any education in. If the jobs are about things I’ve studied, it’s always something I can’t do. You need 2-5 years of experience or more. You must be some kind of genius to find a job in there. Maybe LinkedIn works for some but don’t rely on it too positively.

If someone needs a good domestic spanking are those who think people are over the hill at 30+ in the working world. You don’t stop learning no matter what age. You should never judge someone by their age because all ages are different. You should never assume about anyone before you get to know them. The older you get, the harder is to get hired and only because some people think people are too old. Not just the age thing but also if you have a disability or gaps in your resume, some employers think you’re useless for their business. It’s all about the money and in a way, it’s understandable that they don’t hire just anyone. But you can’t generalise because not everyone is the same. The worst thing is an attitude problem. Then try to stay positive when these domestic bosses or hiring people don’t even want you in their company. Job search would be much easier if they had a heart and not only think about the money. Things were so much simpler when my parents were young. Then you could just walk into a company and ask for work. Now you have to fit in a mould to become anything. I won’t fall for that trap.

One month to go

Have you ever been in a situation where things seem too good to be true? Someone would pinch you and wake you up from your dream.

That what happened to me. I applied for a photography course in the beginning of this year. It’s in a school called Helsinki Design School. I wrote about it here. I still don’t believe I got in. Someone pinch me 😀

So it’s one more month until it starts. Feels like an eternity but a month goes quite fast. The feeling is between excitement and nervousness. Excitement because of the impression the school gives about themselves. I get to study photography a little deeper. I’ll meet new people and opportunities I usually wouldn’t get. Most importantly, get better at photography.

The nervous part is will I find the school when I first arrive to Helsinki. I’ve searched the address on Google Maps but will I find it, is a different matter. Even if I know the city and I’ve been there alone before, I still a bit worried. I wouldn’t want to get late on the first day.
Other concern is, will I get anything out of the course. I’ve been in a school before where they gave me hope but I didn’t get anywhere. I don’t want to waste an education on nonsense. I want real opportunities and not just hope. The school promises to be different from other schools but I’ll believe it when I see it. Some people might get new friends, contacts and so on. But maybe I won’t. I have hope now but what then when the real thing starts.

I shouldn’t worry too much. Maybe things won’t be the way I think they will. One thing I know, is that the school assignments won’t be a problem for me. I’ve done the Weekly Photo Challenge so they can’t be more difficult than that. I really hope the school are worth my money.

I’ll keep you updated. Watch this space.