On the long run

cyclers from the back

I hate running so I would never take a marathon. But if it comes to movies, then yes I’m up for one. People who run marathons must have great willpower training for one for months. I’ve seen competitions on TV and it really takes a lot out of the runners. Us normal humans, even getting off the couch, is a challenge. Some have never exercised in their life so they can’t understand how much time and effort it takes. The runners also need to think about the heat and what to eat. If running a marathon was easy, anyone could do it.

I can have a listening to music marathon. I could listen to different music all day and not getting tired of it. At the same time, writing or doing something productive. If you run, it’s just that. When you watch a movie marathon, that’s the only thing you do. In that you need to concentrate. I love all the Lord of the rings and The Hobbit movie, extended versions. One of these days I will watch all six of them. It takes forever and the only thing that’s gonna get sore is my eyes and back. I’ve watched them separately but never together. You need time to watch something like that. That’s part of my retirement plan. If I ever get that far.

Sometimes I have writing fiction marathons. One story at the time of course. Ideas comes flooding no matter what time it is. Once you start you can’t stop. There is times I’ve haven’t slept all night because I got so much to write. I don’t want to lose the train of thought. When I got into that world in my mind, even a little distraction gets me irritated. It’s difficult to get that mood back again. That was something my mother couldn’t really understand. That’s why I’m a writer and only writer’s understand the flow you sometimes get. Having so much thoughts in your head, your hand or fingers can’t keep up. That’s kind of marathons I take part in. Running? Nah, I rather do it in my head.

Handwriting is golden

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Handwritten.”

©Mia Salminen

Sometimes writing on the computer is not a good idea. I for example can’t concentrate on writing fan fiction if it’s not written on a paper. Ideas come better if it’s handwritten first. I written a few fics on the computer but I still prefer handwriting. Mine is not that pretty. I always thought other people have better handwriting than me.
I have a lot of handwritten papers and there will be more. I re-use papers so I think about the environment at the same time. I have at least 3 fan fiction I’m writing right now. Sometime I write for hours. When ideas come, there’s no stopping. If I didn’t write them on a paper first, good ideas would disappear before I could even get the computer on. Times when I don’t handwrite, is this blog.

I think it’s sad cursive handwriting is not taught in school anymore. I hardly use it anymore though even if I still know how to. I write faster with block letters. Handwriting in general is a lost art. It’s only because of modern technology. Soon kids don’t even know what a pen and paper is. They won’t experience the feeling seeing your own handy work. Holding a pencil in your hand and a paper in front of you. That’s something you won’t get from typing on a device. Even if writing on them brings another feeling. But nothing beats the feeling of seeing your own handwriting. No matter what it looks like.

I will always use handwriting. That’s an everyday thing for me. Writing on the computer is fun once in a while but even that gets boring sometimes. Handwriting is golden and it will stay with me as long as I live.