Do what I tell you

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What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

Daily Prompt

A skill or ability I wish I had would be mind control. Then I could tell people how to think. They would think the way I do. If I wrote a story, they would give me the comments I would give. They would like the photos that I post on Instagram. I would use mind control for the good. I wouldn’t want people to do anything terrible. I would tell people to stop the wars they started, like the one in Ukraine. Turn bad people into good.

Mind control would be useful in job search. If I wanted a job, I would get it. Employers would hire people much easier. If I sent an application for a job, I would get an interview. I wouldn’t have to wait for ages for a reply. Things would move faster if mind control could be used. Anything you apply for will get a solution faster. If you want a loan from a bank, you would get it, and you wouldn’t need to pay it back.

Mind control has its downsides, but what thing doesn’t. To keep things stay stable, you would need to speed things up. Certain things take too much time. Life is too short to wait. If I could use mind control, there wouldn’t be a disagreement. If I told them what to do, they would do it. If someone said to me what to do, I would only say no, and they would let it go. I’m sure there are parents who wish they had mind control so they would get their kids to do chores at home. But then again, if the kids would also use mind control, things wouldn’t be so good after all. In the end, having your own mind and thoughts is much better than having mind control.

To be more vivid everyday

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What do you wish you could do more every day?

Daily Prompt

I have a vivid imagination when it comes to thinking about things. But if I have to write it down, it’s more complicated. It’s easier to live in your head than in real life. I wish I could be more vivid in everyday life. I wish I could get up earlier in the morning. My late mother used to say you have time to do much more during the day if you get up earlier. The problem is that I get to bed late at night. I only get up early twice a month when I travel to Helsinki for the filmmaking course. If I had a job and a reason to get up early, that would be different.

I wish I could be more excited to do made-up design projects to fill my portfolio. But my mind isn’t that vivid for that kind of stuff. It’s challenging to get ideas on your own. No one is there to tell you what you should do. There are websites where you can find made-up projects, but who has the time. I still wouldn’t have any good ideas. I try to practise Adobe programs every day. Especially Illustrator, but I wish I could stick to it too. Other things distract me, though.

Rare compliment

rare compliment
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What was the best compliment you’ve received?

Daily Prompt

It’s World Poetry Day today, so I wrote a poem.


Rare compliment

It takes a lot to get a compliment from people

Whatever I do, they are silent

I don’t wait for one

I’m not trying to embiggen the problem

Even a rare compliment would be nice

I don’t care though

I function without one

Rare compliment I get, but I take it