Advent calendar Box 13

advent calendar 13

Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy brings us light to the darkness of the world

Adults and children celebrate her inheritance during this day

December 13 is the longest night of the year

Her crown of light bring us joy and her singing keep our hearts soft

She died for her Christian beliefs but it made her a martyr

An urban legend maybe but to this day we celebrate her

Saint Lucy, the light of Christ is here to spread light all over the world

The Christmas is near and there shouldn’t be any fear

The light will show us the way and prove Saint Lucy didn’t die in vain


God, the serial killer that never gets caught (part 3)

Writing 101 has ended ages ago. But this was very difficult to write so that’s the reason I haven’t written this earlier. Since I didn’t finish this 3 part story, I decided to mix it with this weekly writing challenge. It’s was the saddest time of my life. This is quite a long post!

Last but not least, the sorrow continues. When my sister died, I don’t remember much about it. And my grandmothers were old so it was no surprise they passed away. Everybody dies one day. Losing a parent is always different. Those are the people who are most close to you.

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