Bloganuary: What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?

Made in Canva

Day 16. I’m not really passionate about anything. The word sounds like you’re mad and do crazy things. I prefer to call it things I like to do. I enjoy writing, but I wouldn’t call it passion. I like taking photographs, but still, I’m not passionate about it. I can do without it. Recently I’ve taken photos with my mobile. I thought about becoming a professional photographer once, but then I realised it takes the fun out of photography. I wasn’t taking my camera everywhere like most photographers do. I could take photos if it was part of something, but I wouldn’t do it full-time. I like changes, so sticking to one thing would bore me.

Maybe my passion is watching movies. I saw my first movie when I was 3 years old. It was the 1937 animated version of Snow White. I still remember how scared I was when I saw the dark forest scene. I couldn’t watch any creepy stuff after that. I still can’t watch scary movies. The first time I saw Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the ring, I looked away when the orcs were shown. I belonged to a movie club when I was 10, where they showed children’s movies. I went there with my mother. I’ve seen a lot of movies in the theatre and on TV. I always watch them until the end. I can’t understand why people are in a hurry to get out. I’ve paid for the ticket so why not stay. I also own several DVDs and Blu-rays. I just never seem to have the time to watch them. I’ve seen them more than once, but I also have discs I still haven’t watched. I’ve also studied writing movie scripts. I have experience in movie making. We wrote a scene, and then we shot them. It’s was hard work, but fun. It would be nice to volunteer in an actual project one day.

Another possible passion is music. I listen to it every day on Spotify. I also have the radio on from time to time. Music has helped me a lot. It’s very therapeutic. I listen to it no matter the mood I’m in. I like all kinds of music. It depends on what I feel that day. Music helped me get through my mother’s death. Sometimes I play an instrument. I own at least 3. I only use one, though. In 3rd grade, I played the recorder, but I didn’t like it. It was only when I became an adult when I learned to play it. Another instrument I can play is the synthesiser with one hand. I took classes when I was 6, but I only went once. My parents were displeased because they had bought me the instrument and everything. I have played it after that too, but now one key doesn’t work. Now it’s at home collecting dust. I also own a harmonica, but I can only play randomly by ear. Without music, life would be dull.

Passionate or liking things, it’s the same, it gives pleasure. That’s better than doing something you don’t like, right?

Day 16:When Daily Prompt and Zero to Hero come together

I haven’t taken part in the Daily Prompt because I really haven’t had writer’s block. And Zero to Hero and the Weekly Photo challenge is enough. Today’s Daily Prompt is one example why I don’t take part in it. Questions I have no answer to. It’s about reputation. I don’t have a “reputation” Maybe is school. Which was ages ago. People probably saw me as shy and introvert. I was but they could have at least made an effort to get to know me. I’m a Gemini so one day I can be very quiet but other times I’m not. I was totally different when I was with my family. Some people think I’m always quiet but that’s not true at all.

Finnish people have a reputation of being shy and drink alcohol a lot. That might be true but not everyone is like that. I think it has nothing to do with Finland or Finnish people. And no there’s no polar bears on the streets. Or cold weather all year around. We have 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn/fall. And not everyone in Finland likes saunas. Not everyone has blue eyes and blonde hair. Some Finns can be reserved at first but if you’re nice to them, they’re nice to you. I guess that goes with most people anyway.

Actually I did have something to say about reputation after all :D. Once you start to write, you can’t stop.