Bloganuary: I’m no tree, I am an ent

tree bark
©Mia Salminen

Day 30. If I was a tree, I wouldn’t be one. I would be an Ent. The one in Lord of the rings. Don’t ask me why. They are cool, that’s all. But if I was a tree, it would the one below. I don’t know what kind it is, but it has branches twisting here and there. I’m complicated, and I have different qualities. The photo is taken in front of the clubhouse of a golf course. It’s an ancient tree, but still standing.

©Mia Salminen

Day 30:I’m human, not a brand

Last task of Zero to hero challenge.

Today’s assignment: Extend your brand, think about a bigger strategic plan for promoting your online presence, and set a goal for the next 30 days.

When I started this blog, I just wanted to write things down and share my thoughts. This is just a hobby and I did never think I would be one of those bloggers that get recognition by their writing. I don’t want anything of those. So even hearing the word “brand” sounds strange to me. When I post on social media, it makes me feel like I’m talking to a wall. Even if I’ve connected the blog (and my other blog) to social networks, it still feels useless. Maybe people are not that interested, at least not giving feedback. That’s the problem with internet. Do people really read what you write or do they just ignore you.

Either way, whatever it is, I will try to keep this blog up. I have no special plans. Maybe people will lose interest after this challenge. It’s happening already. Not that I really pay much attention to it.


If there’s at least one like, I’m happy. Thanks for stopping by.