Winter Olympics 2014 over, what now?

I’ve been following sports closely since I was a teen. Winter sport especially. And some auto racing. Never really been into summer sports. I don’t really care about summer Olympics. Compared to winter, it’s a total bore. Winter has always been my favorite season as well.

My favorite winter sport is ice hockey and was disappointed Finland didn’t get to the finals. But at least we won bronze. That’s a great achievement in the Olympics. Team sport seems to be the strongest for the Finns. Ice hockey is a very big thing over here. It’s when people come together and even the men get emotional. And that’s rare for Finns in general. I don’t watch ice hockey that much other times since it’s only shown on pay-per-view. But when Finland plays in tournaments, I watch every match I can. And who doesn’t want to support their own country.

Finland hasn’t really had any success in recent years. You could almost call it a crisis. Ski jumping and especially men’s cross-country has been in big trouble. But the Sochi success has proved, there is a light in the end of the tunnel for cross-country skiing. Finland winning silver in both 4x5km relay and team sprint for ladies and gold for the men. Hard work really has paid off. If the hard work will continue, who knows where Finnish winter sport will continue. Being a small country, compared to e.g. Norway, even one medal will open new opportunities.

So what now? The winter Olympics are over and life will continue normally. Everyday there’s been something to look forward to. Lots of exciting competitions. Heart pounding excitement, sorrow and heartache. Good times and bad times. All in one. That’s one of the reasons sport is so popular. Some are more excited than others. Those that don’t care is really missing something. I for one would be bored out of my mind, if I didn’t like sport. I don’t know what was on my mind when I was a kid. I was one of those that didn’t watch sport that much. Maybe tennis or football from time to time. But other times, I had other things on my mind. When I found the thrill to watch sport, I would never want to go back.