Dreamy dreams of late

dreamy butterfly
Made in Canva

I’ve been a bit dreamy lately. The heat, things on TV and just laziness has been on my agenda lately. And writing fan fiction. Sometimes I don’t feel like doing things. But it’s summer and who have time to stay inside to read blogs. Or write them in this case. At least write decent blog posts. I also sleep late so I don’t have the time to do anything during the day. Besides, cooking dinner and sitting on the balcony because it’s too hot to sit inside, has taken all my time so I have been too tired to write any blog posts. Heat just makes me tired altogether.

Also, the movies theatres were opened again. I won 2 movies tickets earlier this year so I used them both. I went to see Star Wars: The empire strikes back and Bad Boys For life again. I’ve only seen the Star Wars movie on TV so it was nice to see it on the big screen. The safe distance in the theatre was 2 benches apart so you didn’t need to worry about the coronavirus. They don’t let in the same amount of customers inside the theatre as they normally do. I actually like this safe distance thing. I don’t like sitting close to someone else. You always only get one armrest and then you sit there feeling uncomfortably the whole movie. I usually go to the movies when there aren’t many people there. I buy my movie tickets online so I can choose where to sit. Or I get tickets for free. It’s not cheap to go to the movies. I belong to a movie club where you can get tickets a little cheaper from time to time. I also take part in a movie panel where you answer surveys and then you get money. They’re small amounts. Mostly under 1 euro. When you have at least 10 euros, you get a movie ticket. That’s how I got to go to the movies more often. I only watch movies I’m interested in.

And the last update of what I’ve been doing lately. I’ve been twice on a bike trip to pick up blueberries from the forest. They say there are a lot of blueberries but I didn’t find that many. It’s much harder to pick up berries than you would think. It would be easier to go to the store or the market to buy them. But when you pick them up yourself, you feel you’ve accomplished something. I got enough to put blueberries with vanilla ice cream though. When you walk around in the forest and try to search for berries, it takes time. Especially when you do it with your bare hand. The berries were quite small so I didn’t take them. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. You almost need to crawl on all four because the berries are hidden under the leaves in the blueberry plant. There is a lot of bending down and then you’re not really alone. You get to fight off flies and mosquitos flying close to your ear. Then there is no wind in the deepest forest so you get sweaty as well. It’s totally exhausting to pick up berries. Somehow blueberries taste better when you picked them up yourself. I might go tomorrow for blueberry “hunting” to another place. Maybe they’ve already been picked. You won’t know if you don’t go and have a look.

Trash belongs to the bin and not in the forest

Forest in Eurajoki, Finland 2016

Imagine, you take a walk in the forest. You hear the birds and the wind. The fresh scent reaches your nostrils. You enjoy the silence and feel relaxed. You’re just minding your own business. You think everything looks so clean. But then while walking down the path, you see someone has thrown something on the ground. It’s probably candy paper or even worse, a plastic bag full of trash. You keep walking and then find another one. Maybe some hiker has left it behind. You’re appalled at the behaviour of some humans. You’re there to enjoy the forest but this untidy person has spoiled your day. Trash belongs to the bin and not in the forest. What kind of moron get to the forest and leaves their trash behind to spoil nature? If you can’t pick up your own garbage, why go to the forest at all? They might just stay at home. There they can throw trash anywhere they want.

People only not leave trash behind in the forest but also in the city. If it’s in a park in some festival or even if the trash bin is close by, they don’t bother throwing it there. The worse thing is the cigarette stubs. There are those in the forest too. It’s so disgusting walking around and then you see that crap on the ground. What is wrong with people these days? Especially in Finland where nature used to be important. There is no respect anymore. I wonder if parents let their kids do whatever they want. When I was a child, we put our trash in our pockets if there weren’t a bin nearby. People have no common sense. The litterbug’s motives are probably to make the world a big garbage bag. Or they expect others to pick up their trash. That’s laziness and uncaring about their surroundings.

Finland is really lucky to still have forests and clean air but that’s something people have no respect for. It should really be banned to throw trash in nature but that’s difficult to control. You don’t even get a fine if you leave trash behind. Also, some dog owners don’t pick their droppings from the ground. Most disgusting thing ever. If you can’t clean after your dog, why have one in the first place? Some people shouldn’t have pets at all. Like people who litter shouldn’t be able to buy anything. The way things are going, nature will be full of garbage and no fresh air anywhere if the attitudes won’t change. Doesn’t humans have any shame? The future children won’t have anything but dirt around them.

Nothing beats fresh air and clean shores. Nature is good for your mental health and keeps your stress away. I love going to the forest where I can be alone. I live in a city where the forest isn’t far and you can cycle there. The best place is in Lapland if you want fresh air. Both winter and summer. Beware of the mosquitos in the summer though. They’re little irritating buggers, I tell you that. Especially the buzz you hear when they’re close to your ear. The fresh air also is good for your skin. The whole atmosphere there is totally different than in polluted city air. A lot of tourists who’s visited the place have noticed the clean air. Well, it’s still clear but for how long, I do not know. The way some are littering in forests and other places, it can be over any day. So please, let’s not litter, OK? We need to leave something for the future children. The forest is our natural resource so let’s not take it for granted.