Not superstition, only a habit

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I’m not superstition, it’s only a habit. I always get up on the left side of the bed. I always like seeing the door to my bedroom from my bed so my feet are facing the door. Even in hotels, I like it that way. I put my socks on last and always on the right foot first. When I see a crooked painting or a board on a wall, I have the urge to straighten it. When I write on a paper and see some letter(s) being faint and even if it’s totally understandable, I still fill it so it looks almost perfect. I never tell my plans to anyone because I think that brings bad luck. That’s not superstition, that’s just something I do. Even if I had told my plans to someone, they still haven’t happened. But sometimes it does work. Like the graphic design in Helsinki Design School. I didn’t tell my dad I applied for it and then I did get in. I might have written it on Twitter but that doesn’t count. It’s more about telling someone outside the internet.

I do not believe having a rabbit’s tale or finding four-leaf clover will bring you good luck. I found one clover once but it didn’t do anything. In Midsummer Eve you are supposed to pick up 7 (or even 13) different wildflowers and then put them under your pillow. Then you’re supposed to dream about who you gonna marry. I’ve never tried but I don’t believe you do. The same with catching a bouquet at a wedding. Like you’re the next one to get married. Yeah right. I haven’t actually been to a wedding but I would like to try that in theory just to see the real truth. All these old superstitions are just old wife’s tails. People only do all these rituals because it’s part of a tradition. If people believe in these kind of things then let them but I do not.

Friday 13 and even the number brings bad luck to people. I’ve never had any. Bad luck happens on other days so maybe 13 is a lucky number for me. I didn’t even realise it’s Friday 13 today until looked at the calendar on my phone. It’s just another day. Numbers are just that and I don’t have a lucky number. I like 5 and 7 but their not lucky numbers. I don’t have a reason why they’re my favourite. It doesn’t define me as a person or anything. They just look good. There’s always someone who wants to analyse what number means what. For me, it doesn’t matter. I have better things to do then care about superstition. What would life be if we all would stop doing things just because you think it brings bad luck. That’s not a life, that’s being controlled by misleads. You should be your own person and not believe everything you think it’s true. Too much is always too much.


NaBloPoMo15: Lucky Friday 13th


As you know, today it’s Friday 13. If you live in Europe or else where it’s still is. For some it might be an unlucky day. But for me it’s not been like that. Not that I remember anyway. Unlucky doesn’t look if it’s Friday 13 or not. If I have bad luck, it’s usually on other days. But today nothing unlucky happened. If I can survive a day without getting hit by a car or some other vehicle, it’s been a lucky day.

The only unluck I’ve had lately is lack of traffic on this blog. Where is everybody? NaBloPoMo hasn’t helped at all. Am I boring you? Or are people following too many so they don’t have time to read mine. It doesn’t matter. 244 casual readers are better than nothing. I’m just unlucky in general. Not just in followers but also in other things. Friday 13th every day.

I don’t know what’s so special about Friday 13th anyway. That’s just a reason to blame your unlucky day. If you had one. For example. “I’ve broken my leg. Oh well it’s Friday 13 so that must be the reason” Yeah right. You keep telling yourself that. When it’s not Friday 13th and you still break your leg, you probably blame the pavement or where ever you broke it. It’s never the persons own fault. It’s always something else. Some just are unlucky and you can’t make your own luck. If it just happened on Friday 13th, unlucky for you but it has nothing to do with the day.

So have a lucky Friday 13th and don’t let the Friday ruin your day by unlucky 13.