Not superstition, only a habit

horse shoes against wooden wall
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I’m not superstition, it’s only a habit. I always get up on the left side of the bed. I always like seeing the door to my bedroom from my bed so my feet are facing the door. Even in hotels, I like it that way. I put my socks on last and always on the right foot first. When I see a crooked painting or a board on a wall, I have the urge to straighten it. When I write on a paper and see some letter(s) being faint and even if it’s totally understandable, I still fill it so it looks almost perfect. I never tell my plans to anyone because I think that brings bad luck. That’s not superstition, that’s just something I do. Even if I had told my plans to someone, they still haven’t happened. But sometimes it does work. Like the graphic design in Helsinki Design School. I didn’t tell my dad I applied for it and then I did get in. I might have written it on Twitter but that doesn’t count. It’s more about telling someone outside the internet.

I do not believe having a rabbit’s tale or finding four-leaf clover will bring you good luck. I found one clover once but it didn’t do anything. In Midsummer Eve you are supposed to pick up 7 (or even 13) different wildflowers and then put them under your pillow. Then you’re supposed to dream about who you gonna marry. I’ve never tried but I don’t believe you do. The same with catching a bouquet at a wedding. Like you’re the next one to get married. Yeah right. I haven’t actually been to a wedding but I would like to try that in theory just to see the real truth. All these old superstitions are just old wife’s tails. People only do all these rituals because it’s part of a tradition. If people believe in these kind of things then let them but I do not.

Friday 13 and even the number brings bad luck to people. I’ve never had any. Bad luck happens on other days so maybe 13 is a lucky number for me. I didn’t even realise it’s Friday 13 today until looked at the calendar on my phone. It’s just another day. Numbers are just that and I don’t have a lucky number. I like 5 and 7 but their not lucky numbers. I don’t have a reason why they’re my favourite. It doesn’t define me as a person or anything. They just look good. There’s always someone who wants to analyse what number means what. For me, it doesn’t matter. I have better things to do then care about superstition. What would life be if we all would stop doing things just because you think it brings bad luck. That’s not a life, that’s being controlled by misleads. You should be your own person and not believe everything you think it’s true. Too much is always too much.


Resisting a temptation

sweet things collage
Made with Canva. Cookie photo by me.

Everyone has weaknesses and resisting a temptation is not easy. Unless you have great self-control. I usually have. I never tried smoking or drinking alcohol like a lot of people. I wasn’t one of those who followed my friends examples. But don’t think I don’t have bad habits. I’m no angel but things I can’t resist isn’t disturbing like e.g. smoking.

My weakness has always been sweet things. Like candy/sweets. When it comes to beverages it’s soft drinks. I began a test at the beginning of January by not drinking soft drinks at all. People have an alcohol free month in January so I thought I would try the same with soft drinks. It wasn’t because I drank too much of it or to lose weight. I did it because I wanted to test my own self-control. I thought I couldn’t resist the temptation. January was over and I still hadn’t bought any soft drinks. So I decided to continue with the strike. Months went by and still didn’t buy them.

But guess what? I made it. Now it’s soon been 6 months and no soft drinks. That’s a milestone to be proud of. I haven’t even had the urge to buy any and I think I’ll continue this trend. I have bought non-alcoholic cider and different juices though. The test was for soft drinks and not that so it doesn’t count. Life is too short to count calories and stop enjoying foods that are too bad for you. Too much is too much. I don’t believe in dieting. As long as you don’t get too overweight and you keep your eating habits under control. Being too thin is not good. I rather enjoy life than spend my time wondering what food is bad or good.

I told my dad about my no soft drink policy and he asked if it had changed anything. I don’t know, that wasn’t the main thing, I replied. The point was resisting temptation and not to get results. Maybe it has had an effect on my teeth. Or not since I still eat sweets. I really try to eat less of that too. Once a sweet tooth, always a sweet tooth. I think I always gonna eat them but don’t think eating is all I do. I also exercise and that’s mainly walking or cycling. I made 2 long bike trips this week and the weather was kind of hot. If you eat fattening foods, you should also move your body and not just sit still. You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. Going outside is much more fun and you get some air to breathe.

After every milestone, you should award yourself with something sweet. It doesn’t even need to be candy/sweets. It can be a fruit of any kind. Nothing beats candy/sweets though. You can eat it as much as you can but if you don’t stop at least for some time, it will come back and bite you in the… I have stopped drinking soft drinks and that’s sure is resisting a temptation. I award myself with a glass of water. Cheers!

You “smelly cat”

This is my biggest pet peeve, SMOKING.

Smoking is the most disgusting habit there is. You can’t go anywhere in peace without meeting these stick sucking addicts. You can’t even sit on your own balcony when they come out to pollute the air. Worst are hot summers when you want to sit outside. They don’t even seem to know what the smell is like. But how could they, they’ve become immune to it. They think they have the right to smoke where ever they go. They’re the most selfish people on this earth. Because of them, non-smokers have to live on their terms. Then smokers dare to complain that it’s the non-smokers that complain about smoking. Excuse me but it’s not our fault that you’re stupid enough to start smoking in the first place.
Smokers complain why they can’t smoke where they want. They think they’re being unfairly treated in their own country. But what to expect from nicotine addicts anyway. All they care about is where to get their next fix. It’s a drug but the effect is milder. Then they throw their butts everywhere. They don’t seem to know or care how much poison a cigarette has. Nice to take a walk in the park (or forest) and see these butts on the ground. Disgusting.

The worst smokers are parents. It’s seems smoking are more important than their kids health. If you’re having kids, smoking should be stopped for good. It won’t help if you keep that stick away from the kids. They will still be affected. When I see parents smoking in front of they’re kids, I feel sorry for them. They will become addicted the same way their parents have. Not to mention having health problems. Being a passive smoker is more unhealthy than smoking.

I’ve heard and read many excuses why not quit the habit. One say, it’s socializing. Other say it’s fun. The 3rd say, they’re too old to quit. Then there are those that are afraid there gonna get addicted to something else. Any excuse so they don’t have to do anything about it. It’s just laziness. There is help so why not seek it. I’ve known people who have stopped smoking and they have said, they had felt much better. If they have started again, that I don’t know. Some won’t stop no matter how sick they are.
There are people who doesn’t want to stop smoking. They’re too addicted. They rather suffer from illness than live a smoke free life. They have no respect for life whatsoever. If that’s not selfish, I don’t know what is. If they don’t care about their own health, why would they care for others.

There’s so many good things being a non-smoker. You save money. You’re teeth doesn’t become yellow. You smell better. You don’t have to go out when it’s cold or raining. You can taste food better. You’re healthy. You’re clothes doesn’t smell. You’re not chained to an addiction. You’re free. There’s a lot of good things.

If you really need a bad habit why not try something that doesn’t smell bad. How about something healthy for a change? Maybe start a hobby. Or maybe you do want cancer or any other illness. Maybe that’s fun to have. We all gonna die but I rather live a healthy life then a life with a smoke in my mouth. Quitting something is never easy but what is.

You only live once and I want to make the most of it without having to suffer from other people’s bad-smelling habits. If you want to quit, don’t be a quitter.