Feast your eyes on this post

Made in Canva

Got your attention? This post is not really a feast though. Boring more like it. Or it depends what boring is. For me, it’s reading uninteresting things on social media. Using it is like talking to a wall or like space where no one hears your screams. I don’t know why I bother posting on Twitter. It’s really rare I get any reactions. Maybe my posts are only interesting to me. People expect you to comment on their posts but they don’t give any to you. The Internet can be so frustrated. You never know if someone reads your things. Like this blog. Sometimes I’m paranoid people like a post only because of the blog title photo and don’t read the post at all. Of course, most do. At least I hope so. Thanks if you do.

Searching for advice from the internet can be annoying too. There are so many different ways to say things. But all this advice doesn’t work for everyone. How to get a job. What to wear on a date. How to start a business. How to get more followers on your blog/social media account. And so on. Everything is romanticised. Real life is different. Things don’t work for everyone. Some people’s lives are destined to fail. They don’t win money. Get their dream job. Find Mr/Miss Right. Travel the world etc. There’s a lot of experts out there who give advice to other people but everything won’t work. You need luck in this world. Even better if you’re young and pretty/handsome. You have to look and be in a certain way to get accepted. Sometimes I hate people. There are so many stupid people out there. Before searching for intelligent life outside earth, maybe they should find them on this planet first. Maybe stupidity is the new sexy. There have always been stupid people but now there seems to be born one each day. Smart advice can look stupid too.

People might not be stupid but they take photos where they look stupid. You see a lot of selfies like that. Someone actually wants to make a fool of themselves in public. You see them in reality shows that I absolutely despise. Programs like that make people stupid. If you want to rest your mind then watch cat videos on Youtube for example. At least those are fun unlike shows like Big brother and crap like that. But who am I to judge. People have the right to watch what they want. If they want to use their energy to that then so be it. As long as I don’t have to watch them. Any reality shows where people make a fool of themselves are in my ‘no way’- list. I’ve got better things to do than wasting my time on those things. People post so many stupid things on the internet because it’s so easy. You can post your opinions anonymously and no one would know who you are. That’s why bullying is so easy. It’s online and it stays there. If stupidity would be a crime, there would be a lot of people getting arrested right now. All we can do is not acting stupid or say stupid things. If we act like any other stupid person there would be no smart people left. So try to be smart about, OK?


Nothing to flaunt about

bright peacockMy life is pretty boring. I don’t really have nothing to flaunt about. I’m not a person who likes to brag anyway. It would be nice to have something to show but I got nothing special. Yesterday when I wrote about internet on One Line Sunday, it does have its disadvantages. People’s lives seem to be much more exciting than mine. I try not to get affected by it because it’s really their life and they’re all strangers to me. Besides, people who flaunt their lives on the internet probably need reassurance of their own existence. Some study says that kind of people isn’t really happy. If they were they would keep things to themselves. But since the internet was invented, people have had the urge to post anything online. I guess they want to have that 15 minutes of fame at least for once in their lifetime. Even if it’s just among friends and family. I got enough of attention at home so I don’t need to flaunt my things to a bunch strangers.

It’s a shame only people who flaunt and has a certain personality get more opportunities in life. Even in a job search. If you’re not that well-groomed and sociable, you’re a loser. Unless you’re a man, then you can look like hell and still have better chances. Maybe not if you look like a hobo though. The point is if you’re not presentable and outgoing, you get overlooked. You have to make yourself a brand. Being human isn’t enough it seems. Introverted and reserved isn’t really something to brag about since people see it as a negative thing. Those who are not afraid to market themselves get chosen for a job they’ve applied for. It’s not only about your skills, it’s about your personality too and if you fit into the companies images. In other words, job search sucks and it gets worse.

Recently I’ve bumped into blogs I usually don’t find. I was actually looking for something totally different. Bloggers who have either blogs about fashion, interior design or food blogs get attention. What they have in common is photos of the blogger. It seems you have to post photos of yourself online to get recognition. Those photos need to look professional too. Since when have ordinary people become models? Isn’t really important how a blogger looks like? There is no mystery left in these blogs. The blogs all look the same. Sure they got information to people who like that kind of stuff. But there are too much of the same subjects online. You have to flaunt about your presence and then one day sponsors will find you so you can keep on flaunting about your new found success. Or that’s what the motive for these blogs seems to be. I wish my blog would attract employers like that but this is the real world and it only happens in dreams.

At least I dare to be different. I refuse to follow the crowd. If I wanted to get paid to blog I would have chosen a different subject. Except that I don’t follow fashion, I don’t care how my home looks like, I eat what I want without getting overweight and I eat my cooking as soon it gets finished. That’s in a nutshell. Other people do it much better than me so I stick to what I know. I could flaunt with that I dare to be different but there is no point really. I know what I can and that’s what matters and not what others might think. Small circles are the best so that should be enough.