Bloganuary: What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?

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Day 10. People often think about the things they don’t have. Instead, you should be grateful for what you have. What might be thankful for some might be ungrateful for someone else. Finding 5 things for being grateful for today can be easy or not. For me, the first three is easy, but let’s see if I get five together.

  1. Born and raised in Finland

I’m grateful to have been born into a country like this. We have great nature, which is something not many people have. We also have 4 seasons, so you don’t get bored. Our school education system is easy to understand. When I was in school, it was 9 years. You don’t need to go to high school. You can get a job even if you haven’t. There are a lot of different ways to get an education. The country is the least corrupted country in the world. You don’t have to fear expressing your opinions. No country is perfect. Everyone has problems. But I wouldn’t want to live in another country. Here you can feel safer than in other countries, and I hope it stays that way.

2. My parents

I had terrific parents. They were always supportive. I could be what I wanted to be. They didn’t expect me to become something they wanted. I could always talk to them. I was very close to my mother, so it’s was a very sad moment when she died of cancer in 2013. She was always worried about me. Sometimes a bit too much. I could ask for her advice, and she helped me with my concerns. Sometimes I miss that. My dad doesn’t know about those things. But he’s good at other things. I’m grateful he’s still around. I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s his time to go.

3. Knowing languages

I’m glad I can speak and write in more than one language. If I didn’t know English, life would be difficult for me. I couldn’t write this blog, and I couldn’t watch TV without subtitles. That’s another thing that is great in Finland. We have subtitles on movies and TV shows. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Finns can speak English so well. Also, because it’s being taught in 3rd or 4th grade in school. I wish I could talk more than 3 languages, but it’s pretty challenging to learn more. I can say a few words in some languages, but I couldn’t speak with a native.

4. Health

I’m never ill. I’ve always been in good health. If I have the flu, it’s usually mild. Sometimes I have a little sniffle, but that passes a few days later. I can’t remember the last time I had flu with a high temperature. During covid, I haven’t had anything. I keep away from people anyway, so I can’t catch any. I definitely don’t want covid. I’ve had 2 vaccines, but still, I should be careful. I guess I have an excellent immune system, or maybe it’s natural. I really hope it will stay that way.

5. Modern technology skills

I’ve used a computer since late the 1990s. I also have a diploma in computers. I know how to use modern technology, but I couldn’t programme it or anything like that. I’m just an average user. I’ve used it for so many years I don’t think I could be without it. I keep learning every day. I couldn’t teach people how to use computers, but I can always help. I’ve used a PC and a Mac, so both are familiar. I use a computer for everything I do. It’s so much easier. I prefer computers to mobiles. Even if I use that too. When you go somewhere, a mobile is useful. But I don’t stare at it while walking like someone do. Technology is a tool and not something that controls you.

So that’s all 5 grateful things. It wasn’t that difficult. I could have mentioned more than 5. But that is for me to know, and you to find out. Gratefully.

Bloganuary: It’s only words

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The question is on day 8, What do you like most about your writing? It depends on what I write and in what language. I speak and write three. Finnish, Swedish and English. It’s only words that you put together to get a sentence. They should also make sense. That’s the hardest part. E.g. in Finnish, there are sentences where you need to put a comma, but where are a different matter. Knowing a few languages confuses you. Sometimes I don’t know how to describe things. I might know a word in English, but I can’t remember what it is in Finnish. The Internet is a big help. Knowing what to write can be stressful. I dislike it the most when I can’t find the right words no matter how hard I try. I have that problem sometimes when I write this blog.

I don’t know what the most about my writing. I have always had a good imagination, so maybe that’s it. It’s not my thing to say if I’m a good writer or not. I can be satisfied with what I write, but it’s really for people who read my stuff to judge if it’s good or not. Maybe I rely too much on other people’s opinions, but I wouldn’t post it online if I didn’t. I want to share things and make people feel good. It’s the same with writing this blog and the fan fiction I write. I don’t want to start from a clean slate if I’m not happy about my work. I prefer moving forward and getting better at writing. Not only getting better but also learning new things. I’ve had doubts about my writing abilities. But when someone likes what I write, it feels it’s not that bad.

When I studied journalism years ago, I realised I was better at writing fiction. As a journalist, you need to write about facts, but I like writing fiction because you can use your imagination. Besides, I can’t listen and write at the same time. That’s what you need when you interview people or write an article about something. It’s easier to say what I’m not good at. I couldn’t write a book because I would run out of ideas and get distracted. I’m better at short stories that I can post online. They say to stick to what you know, even if I write about things I haven’t experienced myself. I just have a vivid imagination, that’s all.

Lost in translation

lost in translation

You probably use Google Translator to look for a word or a sentence, right? I do that a lot. But sometimes the translator translates wrong. It’s good in finding separate words but when it comes to whole sentences, it’s wrong. If you want to learn a new language, don’t use the Google one. Maybe you find words but the grammar is not to be trusted. I speak Swedish besides Finnish and English. It’s more correct in Swedish than in Finnish. But it’s not perfect. The translator can be funny too. If you translate a whole page, it can either look silly or irritate you. On WordPress you can download a translator widget but it’s not great either. Someone had one on their blog and when I looked at my blog in Finnish, there were words that wasn’t right at all.

Here’s a few examples of how translators can be wrong. Sentences from my blog posts. How to read these translated parts, is another story.

In English

A lot of other people in my age already have a career and a family. – Blog post Feb 14, 2017,  My great expectations

Translated to Finnish

Paljon muita ihmisiä minun ikä on jo uran ja perheen.

It should be like this.

Monella minun iässäni on jo ura ja perhe.

It can be said in different ways but that’s more correct than the translate on Google. For a Finn, it sounds kind of silly. The Swedish translation is more correct.

In Swedish

En hel del andra människor i min ålder redan har en karriär och en familj.

Even then some words are mixed up. It should be “har redan” and not “redan har”

One more that is almost right.

In English

Everybody probably doesn’t like what you do but you can’t please everyone. – Blog post Jan 13, 2017, Just put your mind into it

In Finnish

Kaikki luultavasti ei pidä siitä, mitä tehdä, mutta et voi miellyttää kaikkia.

It should be

Kaikki luultavasti ei pidä siitä mitä teet, mutta et voi miellyttää kaikkia.

Or the end can also be. “mutta kaikkia ei voi miellyttää” In Finnish there are different ways to say things. I don’t know which is the correct grammar though. It’s a complex language with different rules.

In Swedish

Allt du förmodligen inte kommer att gilla vad du gör, men du kan inte göra alla nöjda.

It should be

Alla förmodligen kommer inte att gilla vad du gör, men du kan inte göra alla nöjda.

Google Translator can be a funny place. You should never take things for granted when you use it. It’s more of a guideline and it’s a helper. If I didn’t use it, I couldn’t write this blog. It’s the easiest and fastest way to search for words, instead of trying to find them in a dictionary. If you want the exact grammar of a language, it’s better to ask a native to help you. Any translator online shouldn’t be taken too seriously but yet you shouldn’t stop using it. It has it’s disadvantage but it’s also a great tool.