I must be chasing after rainbows

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Blog title from ‘The seventh stranger’ by Duran Duran

I must be crazy believing there would be some loyalty left in the world. I for one is loyal so I could almost have a tattoo. I won’t get one because I hate needles. I usually don’t like talking about politics and I won’t now either. But this is something that I feel strongly about. Maybe a lot of you don’t know but in Finland, we have well-fare for unemployed. It’s supposed to be temporary but some people exploit and they don’t even bother looking for work. I call them lazy unemployed. They give other job searchers a bad name. Most of us do want to work. These people who don’t want to work are proud to be without a job. They come out in the media and says how lazy they are. If I were them, I would keep it too myself. I guess they want fame. I wonder what kind of upbringing they have. My parents, especially my mother was very couraging and sometimes even too much for my liking. But work has always been very important. Living on well-fare all your life should not be something to be proud of. I feel really sorry for these young people who don’t seem to even bother looking for work even if they could. But getting free money seems to be alright. Any job experience is good. If someone only takes a job because of the money, they never get anything. I can’t understand how someone wants to be out of work voluntarily. You should at least have some kind of education. I would have been bored out of my mind if I didn’t study at least. Working is not only about money. There’s so much more to it.

As for my own job search. So far I haven’t found anything. There’s this app/software tester job but one of the requirements is having a mobile device which I don’t have. I have only a tablet and it irritates me frequently. It’s also a freelance job but isn’t really a problem though. It’s easy to apply for the job but still, it’s unsure if you get picked. All you need is to create an account and then answer a Google form. You get to choose what you want to test and anytime you want. If you find a bug, you get paid extra. More bugs you find, more you get paid. It is tempting. It’s just the device thing that is a thinker. Besides the tablet, I have the computer. The more devices you have, the better you get things to test. It wouldn’t really matter if I only get pocket money. It still doesn’t replace a full-time job.

Maybe I’m chasing rainbows here but I think as a female in design, I can get a job. You can read about how hard it is for a woman to work in a male-dominated job. But I don’t see it that way. I think what men can do, women can do it too. It’s about the attitude and how loyal you are. I won’t let age get in the way. No horny old man (like that what’s his name again director) will harass me either. They probably think I’m a man anyway. If I can’t find a job in someone else’s business, then maybe I should start something on my own. The problem is my marketing myself thing and also do I still remember what I studied. Last time I designed something was in school. That stopped months ago. All I know right now is, I don’t want to be out of work. If I’m not loyal to myself and what I want to do, no one will.

Technology, a blessing and a curse

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People become more lazy as the technology approves. They think everything goes automatically. They can’t even switch the lights off from a switch because they’re so used to things being automatic. For example in the building where I live, they can’t close the gate or the doors. I wonder how they manage to open them in the first place. A healthy person should have the strengths to open a door and close it. Not everything is connected to a computer. If something is broken in a department building you should tell the janitor and not wait for things to happen. It seems young people doesn’t get it.

Technology is both a blessing and a curse. It help you but it also makes people lazy. Soon there won’t be a human touch in anything. There won’t be face to face conversations and no one bothers to go outside. You can buy anything online but at the same time it makes you passive. I hate going to the store to buy clothes but I rather go shopping to a place where you can try them on first. Food and clothes are things I don’t want to buy online because I don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. If I can’t find clothes I like in a store, then buying online is a better option.
Then this paying with your mobile is something I would never try. Paying with a debit or credit card is much better. I really hope money will still be around because paying small sums with a card is kind of silly. Technology should be a help but not completely take over a person’s life. When I see young people walking outside with their mobiles in their hands, I just laugh. If you can’t stay away from your phone when you go out, you really have a problem.

People think they can’t be without technology but that’s not entirely true. In the end everybody needs a human touch. When we get older, it gets more important. We can’t always rely on technology but we can rely on ourselves.