Don’t be timorous to learn

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What is the last thing you learned?

Daily Prompt

I’m studying filmmaking, and this week we learned about film production. Some of the things are old things from before, but I also learned something new. You shouldn’t be timorous to learn. I don’t necessarily want to be in the movie industry, but it’s interesting to know how movies and TV shows are made. I just like to learn because then, at least, I know I’ve done something in my life. Having knowledge is only a good thing.

Your mind might become mush if you’re too timorous in learning new things. Some might think they already know enough, so they don’t need to learn. But life is about learning. You’re never ready. Even experienced people learn something. While you learn, you become better at it. Learning a language, for example, if you don’t learn new words, you won’t approve. You get timorous when you try to speak it because you’re afraid to use it wrong. Everybody makes mistakes, but that’s how you learn. I know more English now than I did when I was a teen. If I hadn’t used it, this blog wouldn’t exist. E.g. today, I learned a new word, Timorous. Learning is part of life, and it gives you a lot of possibilities that you wouldn’t get otherwise. So go and learn; it grows you as a person too.

Bloganuary: You live and learn

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I learned recently that I shouldn’t get upset at the neighbour for moving their furniture against the floor. Foolishly, I moved an armchair back and forth to pay back. I think I pulled a muscle or something because my right arm hurts when I lift my arm. It’s been for three days. I don’t know if I should go to the doctor or wait until it gets better. First, I had the flu for three weeks and now this. Not a nice way to start the year.

You live and learn. Life wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t learn anything new. I love learning new things, so I’ve studied a lot. I am studying filmmaking at the moment, and even if some of it is a repeat, there will also be new things to learn. It’s not only that but to experience new things on the side. We are taught by professionals who have been in the filmmaking industry for a long time. We have about screenplay writing, editing and filming. It’s an exciting subject. Later, we are going to a film studio where we are all day. That’s something you don’t get anywhere else.

Knowledge is never a bad thing. Whether learning from your mistakes or learning new things, every day should be about becoming better educated. If you don’t know about something, you can try to find the answer online. Or you can go to school and learn it. Learning is also good for the soul and mind.

Bloganuary: Bonjour! Buongiorno! Hola!

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There are three languages I would love to learn, Italian, French and Spanish. I already know three languages, but they are easier to learn. I’ve tried to learn Italian a few times, but it never sticks in my brain. I don’t know how people learn several languages. I don’t see the point of learning a language I never get the chance to use. Travelling to those countries won’t be possible when I don’t have that kind of money. Learning to speak and spell a language are two different things. French is especially tough to spell. I would have to check for the spelling online all the time. It’s harder to learn a language the older you get. If I’d learned the languages I wanted to learn when I was younger, I might know how to speak them now. Like I did with English. But then again, you hear English all the time, so it’s easier to learn.

When I was in business school for a few months, we learned German. The language is easier to learn since it’s said as it is written. But I didn’t learn it because we didn’t start from the beginning. I know a few words, and that’s it. I once tried a sentence in real life, but it was probably wrong. I’ve been to Germany in 2008 and tried to buy ice cream, but they didn’t understand, so I had to point. They say you should learn more than one language, and they should be something that isn’t English. If you’re not going to have a job that needs another language to learn, why should you waste your time on it? But learning a language is never unnecessary. You can do it to learn a new skill.

I have so many other things to learn, so my brain doesn’t have enough room to learn a new language. Learning Italian, Spanish and French would be nice, but I don’t think I have time to learn. The question was, what language do you wish to learn. I didn’t say I would do something about it. If you don’t try, you don’t know, and I have tried. Learning a new language isn’t on my agenda. I prefer getting better at English, so I put my energy into that.