Bloganuary: Boring book

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My autobiography would be boring and short. The chapters would be named Chapter One, and so on. I don’t know who would want to read it. I have nothing interesting to say. My life hasn’t been exciting, just average. I have had my ups and downs like anyone else. I’m nothing special, and I never do anything interesting. I’m all talk and no action. Let’s say I dream and am too afraid to do anything about it. I don’t think I would write an autobiography anyway. If I published a book, it would probably be about my photography or poems I’ve written. I’ve actually considered collecting the best poems I’ve posted on this blog and publishing only one copy, just to myself. But there are so many, so there would be too much work. It’s only been a thought, and I don’t know if I would actually do it. It would only lay somewhere to collect dust. Besides, I don’t have a bookshelf so I wouldn’t know where to put it.

Bloganuary: You live and learn

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I learned recently that I shouldn’t get upset at the neighbour for moving their furniture against the floor. Foolishly, I moved an armchair back and forth to pay back. I think I pulled a muscle or something because my right arm hurts when I lift my arm. It’s been for three days. I don’t know if I should go to the doctor or wait until it gets better. First, I had the flu for three weeks and now this. Not a nice way to start the year.

You live and learn. Life wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t learn anything new. I love learning new things, so I’ve studied a lot. I am studying filmmaking at the moment, and even if some of it is a repeat, there will also be new things to learn. It’s not only that but to experience new things on the side. We are taught by professionals who have been in the filmmaking industry for a long time. We have about screenplay writing, editing and filming. It’s an exciting subject. Later, we are going to a film studio where we are all day. That’s something you don’t get anywhere else.

Knowledge is never a bad thing. Whether learning from your mistakes or learning new things, every day should be about becoming better educated. If you don’t know about something, you can try to find the answer online. Or you can go to school and learn it. Learning is also good for the soul and mind.

Bloganuary: Wouldn’t be good

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A song that speaks to me is Nik Kershaw’s ‘Wouldn’t be good’. It’s one of the songs of my life. My life is never easy. People don’t understand me; if they walked in my shoes, they would. They think their own life is easy, and they’re all happy. Life isn’t and shouldn’t be easy. We all have our ups and downs. People who have never been through the way I have don’t understand how it feels. I have days that feel like, what’s the point of doing anything. I could sleep all day and only have my hobbies. People who meet me think after the first impression they know me, but they don’t. Strangely, you should be yourself; it’s not enough when you are. I’m reserved because of the things that happened in the past. I trusted someone, and then they deceived me. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t trust people. I need to know the person a bit better before I can put my trust in them. Most of the time, they’re not patient enough trying to get to know me. They only assume what I’m like. Sometimes I wish I could be somewhere else instead.

Wouldn’t it be good by Nik Kershaw

I love 80s music, and this song is one of them. It’s my power song. The lyrics give me good feelings. It makes me think I’m not the only one that feels this way. No matter how you see the lyrics, you have to agree the grass is not always greener on the other side.