Something gotta give

locked papersLife is full of choices. So many it makes my head spin. But sometimes you have to compromise. Nothing is written in stone though. You are allowed to change your mind.

I don’t know how many times I’ve done that. I never seem to find anything I stick with. It’s because I have so many things I like. It’s getting even worse as I get older. What I disliked when I was younger, I find the interest in it now. If it’s about music I like or movie genres. The problem with it is that some people don’t care about the same things I do. Especially when it comes to social media. I really find it difficult to post things there because I feel it’s all useless. I don’t think anyone really cares. I’ve thought a lot of times to leave it. But sometimes I do get reactions and it doesn’t feel so bad. In the end, it’s not about the people. I would still be on social media and other formats. I do it for me and what comes after that is just a bonus.

It’s not that I’m not loyal. I’m very but to a lot of different things. As I mentioned before on this blog, I get bored easily. That’s a reason I could never work in an office. I need something to motivate my mind. I can sit still for a very long time but I still need to do something else for a change. Sometimes it’s frustrating that I can’t keep my mind on one thing at a time. A lot of things has passed me by because my mind has been set on what I wanted to be. I also never had enough of courage to try things. I’ve always worried how things could go wrong. I’m still insecure when it comes to decisions. It shouldn’t be that way but it is a constant struggle.

It could be worse though. I could have no education nor work experience. I could live in a corrupted country. I could live on the street. I have better chances to do things I like and not what other people want me to do. I’ve tried things that I’m not afraid to do. In others words, I’m pretty lucky compared to others who are not. That’s something I don’t need to compromise.

Stifle the blues

heart on snow

We all have our weaknesses. No human is perfect. We all have our bad days. If it’s about the weather or your life, you must find a way to stifle the blues away. The best thing is to do what you love. It doesn’t even need to be anything big. Taking a walk in a park can be very refreshing. Even watching your favourite movie or TV series can lift up your spirit. As long as you don’t fall into despair because then it’s harder to get up from it.

For me laughing is a good remedy. When I feel down I go to Youtube and watch funny videos. Not one of those vlogs and such though. More about classic comedies and yes even cat videos sometimes. Youtube is like Pringles, you watch one and then another. Soon you look at the time and realise how much time has passed. I go there no matter what mood I’m in.

The same goes with music. It makes you laugh, cry or dance away. For you who dance that is. Any kind of music you like lifts up your spirit. I’ve mentioned before in this blog that music is my first love. It has helped through bad times and made me feel better. Not a day goes by where I listen to music on the radio or online. I even have the radio on when I sleep. You don’t hear your neighbours when you have some sound in your bedroom. Singing along to my favourite songs is also a good medicine for the blues. Some old classics I still know the words to and I haven’t listened to them in years. It doesn’t even matter if I sing the wrong words. Singing is good too. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing when doing it in your own home.

You don’t necessarily need entertainment to feel better. Seeing other smile and especially if they’re kids. Or animals. Do what you like best and don’t let others make you feel down. The song below one of my favourites because the lyrics are positive. It is a beautiful life and we shouldn’t forget it.



A snippet or two about me

paper slicesToday it’s all about me. It’s not about selfishness. If I posted selfie’s about myself every day of the week, that’s would be selfish. This post contains snippets of moi. That’s me in French. This post is 20 facts about me.

  1. I’m bilingual. My mother tongue is Swedish. It’s Finnish-Swedish so don’t mix it with Sweden.
  2. I never had a pet. Bunnies are my favourite animal
  3. I can play the recorder and piano. I have a good musical ear so I can make tunes on the top of my head. I can even read simple notes that I taught myself
  4. I can speak a few words of German, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian
  5. I rather be alone than having friends disturbing me all the time
  6. I like watching sports. Especially ice hockey
  7. I’ve only watch Marvel movies because of Loki. If he’s not in it, I don’t care
  8. I use social media all the time but sometimes it feels like no one really cares what I post there
  9. I don’t like the taste of alcohol. I don’t like drunk people because you can’t have a decent conversation with them
  10. I’ve never been abroad alone
  11. I like filling quizzes, doing tests and fill forms
  12. I love chocolate but I also eat other candy/sweets
  13. Friday 13 has never brought me bad luck. Maybe because I have no luck other days either
  14. I change my mind all the time which has caused me problems of finding a career.  I really have difficulties starting things.
  15. I hate shopping so I buy things online instead. Sometimes I do go to a store but only if it’s really necessary
  16. I got chased by a dog when I was 6 so I was dead scared for years. But I faced my fear and now I’m over it. As long as they’re on a leach though
  17. I’ve seen Lord of the rings so many times I’ve lost count. The same with The Hobbit. Extended versions included
  18. I’ve tried a lot of different sports and one of them is golf
  19. I think better when the music is on
  20. I’ve only travelled in Europe. Latest trip was to Stockholm this year