10 dance songs to listen to

break dance

I listen to all kinds of music and dance is one of them. I like listening to them but not so much dancing. The ’90s was a Euro-disco period so a lot of those are from that period. The list below is my 10 favourite dance songs to listen to. And dance, if you like. These are not in order so number one doesn’t mean it’s my top favourite and so on. I have no special reason why they are my favourite. They just sound good and most of the lyrics I know by heart. Let’s dance (or listen)

  1. Here I go again (E-type)
  2. Don’t stop the music (Rihanna)
  3. Look away (Darude)
  4. Let the dream come true (DJ Bobo)
  5. Waiting for Tonight (Jennifer Lopez)
  6. It’s a rainy day (Ice MC)
  7. I give you my heart (Mr President)
  8. Tears don’t lie (Mark ‘Oh)
  9. Get ready for this (2 unlimited)
  10. Breathe (The Prodigy)

There is a lot more where that came from. I have made a dance list on Spotify if anyone is interested to listen.

Music makes my heart flutter

illustrated sheet music notes
Made in Canva

There are a lot of ways to add the word ‘music‘ to sentences. Thank you for the music. Music for my ears. Music makes the people come together. We all have our favourites when it comes to music taste. You don’t need to listen to what others are listening to. It doesn’t matter what age you are. You can still listen to classical music even if you’re a teen. For me, music is a part of life. It’s an escape or it can be something that inspired you. It helps you through your sorrow. It makes your heart flutter with joy. I don’t what I would do without music. It would be very silent for sure.

I’ve written about music on this blog before. Here are a couple. I don’t want to repeat things so you have to read it yourself if you want.

I’ve only been once in a live concert and that was Robbie Williams in 2017. I don’t know how that Elton John concert in September will go so I’m not gonna add that yet. That would be my second. I’ve been to performances but I think they were playbacks. Live music is totally different. It should because if it isn’t live, it’s better to stay home and listen to a record instead. Or places like Spotify. I loved the Robbie Williams concert and I wish I could experience the live concert feeling again. Fingers crossed for the Elton John concert that it won’t be cancelled because of this coronavirus thing.

I always have the radio on or listening to lists I created on Spotify. I have the paid version since last December because I couldn’t stand the ads. I listen to all kinds but pop and rock are the best. I especially love 80’s music. On Spotify, you can find songs you haven’t heard for years. I mostly listen to classics but sometimes I like new songs too. A lot of bands and artists I like are still active. I still buy CD’s so not all music is online. I love singing to tunes I really love. When I’m alone though. There is no place for a live audience. Even if I haven’t listened to a song for years, I still remember the lyrics. The songs still flutter my heart years later. I think I never get tired of them.

You hear the names of new artists and bands but you don’t listen to their music. But I’m not that interested to follow the music industry the way I did when I was a teenager. There are so many older bands and artists to care about so there is no time for anything new. Unless it’s a new song for a movie. Like the new James Bond song sang by Billie Eilish. ‘No time to die‘ A lot of people complained about it before it was even released. Then when they heard it, they got on the bandwagon and saying it’s the best Bond tune ever. I don’t get how people judge music before they even heard it. I don’t usually find new songs I like by new artists but this one I liked it from the start. It really got that Bond feels to it. Her voice suits it very well too.

So music flutters my heart when it’s something I like. If I didn’t have Spotify on my mobile, I would probably only listen at home. Trips without music would be a very boring one. Then you would have to listen to other people chatting about things you don’t want to hear about. Sometimes when I’ve travelled by bus, the internet connection has failed so I couldn’t listen to music but at least my mobile (old and newer) has a radio. Once I forgot the headphones at home so I couldn’t listen to anything and it was hell. The trip felt forever. Music does make time go faster. I can even concentrate better if there is music in the background. It’s talking that disturbs me the most. Hearing neighbours talking or the noise outside, makes me lose focus. Music is better than having to listen to things that make you upset. Music will always be a part of me and that’s how I keep going.

I’m listening

frasier listening

The Dwarf breathes so loud, we could have shot him in the dark.

People never listen. Especially extroverts. They keep talking so much you would think they love their own voice. It’s a skill to know how to listen. I’m very good at it. That’s my superpower. I may not be good at giving advice but I can listen. Introverts in general are good listeners. I’m not into chit-chat. I rather be quiet than talk nonsense. People who doesn’t know me think I’m always quiet, even at home. But at home I’m a totally different person. There you can be yourself completely. I say what I think and when I get angry, you don’t want to be around. Other times I’m a calm person and I don’t make a lot of noise of myself. When you’re around people you must have a cool head. If you start to act like a crazy person, people look strangely at you.

I’m no expert on relationship but if you don’t listen to what the other person is saying, it will cause problems. People should talk more to each other and not take things for granted. No one is a mind reader. It’s no wonder there are divorces and break-ups because people doesn’t talk about their problems. Listening to others solves a lot of things. If you really listen to others, you learn something and you understand the other person a bit better. Interrupting someone is not only rude but it makes the person feel like they don’t want to be heard.

You think introverts doesn’t pay attention when their doing something else. I don’t know about others but I’m good in multitasking, I can both concentrate and listen at the same time. Someone could have a conversation and they think I might not be listening but I actually am. You can learn a lot from listening to conversations even if it’s unintentionally. Sometimes people talk about things you don’t want to hear which makes listening disturbing. Especially in public transport. Who wants to listen to how drunk they were at the weekend or what kind of decease some have? That kind of talk should be talked about somewhere else. They think no one is listening. Sometimes though listening can be amusing. It’s mostly ridiculous things people talk about.

The superpower of listening is both a blessing and a curse. I would rather be listening than keep on talking though. Conversations should make sense and not a reason to talk like some people practise. There are those who think silence is awkward but if everyone kept talking, there wouldn’t be anything else but noise. Listening is a skill that anyone can learn but for some it’s a natural thing.