My few concert experiences

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I wanted to go to a concert when I was a teenager in the 1990s, but my mother didn’t let me. At the time, foreign bands didn’t come to Finland that often. You had to travel to Stockholm, Sweden. But sometimes, they did, which was great. The American boyband, New kids on the block, was the first band I wanted to see live in concert. Perhaps the tickets were expensive, so my mother didn’t want to pay for them. The same with the British boyband, Take That. They haven’t been here since then. I’ve only seen their concert on TV and once in a movie theatre. But it’s not the same. They’re still around, but they succeed more in their own country. I haven’t heard their songs on the radio anymore. But thanks to Spotify, I can listen to them.

I have never been into festivals. I think I have only been in one, but that was a free one. I have no memory of it, but I’m sure I have been into one. There are always some bands or artists I can’t stand at festivals. Concerts are more my kind of events. It took until 2017 that I got the courage to go to a concert. Before that, I didn’t like big crowds and didn’t have the money to go, either. The first concert was by Robbie Williams. That was the moment I got the going to concerts- bug. It was such a great experience. It’s the atmosphere and feeling of seeing your favourite artist in real life. You’re there with other people who have the same favourite as yours. The best part of a concert is when the audience sings along to the songs. The performer loves the feeling too.

This year, as you might know, I went to two other concerts. The one I really looked forward to seeing was Duran Duran. (FYI, today it’s Duran Duran Appreciation Day) You can read about the concert from the link to the band’s name in this paragraph, so I don’t need to repeat it. It was worth waiting for. Who knows if they will come back to Finland again. I can’t afford to travel aboard to see concerts, so they better get here instead.

I don’t usually do things without thinking, but when the American band Toto would come to my city, I didn’t think twice about it to go. I’m not that familiar with their music, but I know their hits. They’ve been around since 1977, with different line-ups since then. I listened to their other songs before I went to the concert. They composed most of the soundtrack to the original movie, Dune, in 1984, so they’ve also done songs without words. In the concert, there were awesome different instrument solos. I’ve always been fascinated by how some people can play instruments so well. I can hardly play easy songs.

In concerts, the volume is so loud, so sometimes you don’t hear what a band is playing or saying between songs. No wonder they have earplugs in their ears when they perform. Loud noises are not suitable for your hearing in the long run. I haven’t used earplugs. It’s a bit scary to put them inside my ears. My hearing is still great, anyway. The concerts should be heard as intended, loud and live. It’s only for a short period anyway. It can take years before I go to concerts again. If only that Elton John concert wouldn’t have been cancelled. It would have been next year. Oh, well that’s how it goes sometimes. You can’t always get what you want. Not even in concerts.

An evening with Monty Python

The Dead parrot sketch

This week’s Weekly challenge looks quite interesting. I have at least 10 drafts saved so I do this editing thing quite a lot. I decided to write about the event. I was going to write about it anyway so this task is perfect for that.

So I went to see Monty Python live (mostly) on Sunday in our local movie theater. It was live via satellite from London’s O2 Arena. I was really looking forward to it. The show was supposed to start at 9 pm but it didn’t. I guess they just wanted people to get there on time. On screen there were a clock showing when the show would start. The songs of Monty Python was played and then they showed stuff from behind the scenes. In between there were a quiz about them that the audience could answer between their friends if they wanted. Then they showed two videos made by fans that had won a competition. The videos were their version of a Monty sketch. One of them were the fish slapping sketch.
To make this story short. The show was great. There were music numbers, sketches and a few surprises. There was a sketch called ‘Blackmail’ It was a TV show where they ‘blackmailed’ celebrities about their deepest secrets. They led in a person to the stage with a paper bag over their head. And then they moved the bag and there was Mike Myers. Now that was a surprise. He said it was an honor to be on the stage with Monty Python and who wouldn’t agree.
What was really great was that they had the song ‘Finland’ in their show and during that song, 3 dancers with blond wigs were waving Finnish flags on stage. Of course the whole movie theater cheered and clapped.
The funniest was the Dead parrot and the Cheese shop sketch where John Cleese and Michael Palin forgot their words. They did it in style which made it funny. Bloopers on stage. They included Graham Chapman in the dead parrot sketch. So when someone had died, you could say “joined Doctor Chapman” Or maybe it was ‘meet’ Anyway, that’s the way Cleese said.

The show ended with “Always looks on the bright side of life” The audience in London stood up and clapped to show their appreciation.

Even if the show was on the big screen, it still felt like you were really there. The sound system in the theater is great. It didn’t feel like you were in the movie theater at all. I was on a live event once before but it was nothing like this. First I thought, Finns wouldn’t find this kind a humor funny but then why would the whole theater be full otherwise. There were English subtitles so it was easier to follow. The sound went mute for second or two but that’s satellite for you. Some of the audience sighed which was more annoying than the sound going off.

The review in my local newspaper wrote that the audience were mostly over 40 but I think there were more younger ones. At least in the theater I was in.
Outside it was a hot day and you think a movie theater would be cooler. But it was not. I guess there were so many people so the air conditioner wasn’t working the way it should.

I was really pleased about the audience in the theater. Usually Finns seem quiet when it comes to this kind of things. But the atmosphere was good. They were a lot of laughter. But when it comes to Monty Python, every laughter is real. The jokes never gets old. The show was just awesome. I can’t find words to describe it. I’m glad I decided to go. But I knew that as the soon as I found out it would be shown on Finnish movie theaters.

It’s been a great 40 years for Monty Python. Let their humor never die. Comedy and humor have never been the same since.
Long live, Monty Python. You’re great and you know it.