All talk, no action

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What topics do you like to discuss?

Daily Prompt

I have a lot of topics that I like to discuss but no one to do it with. I write a blog instead. It’s mostly talk and no action, but at least I get my thoughts down. Some things are important to me but don’t seem like that to others. If I had a pet, I would talk to it. Since I don’t, I speak to Mon Ami, my favourite toy monkey. Maybe it’s weird, but I like some weirdness, and I don’t care what people think. Certain things you can’t write in a blog. They are private. I also don’t want people to know about my sad infatuations. Talking or writing is food for the mind, and you need to take it out of your mind one way or another.

I like to discuss music, movies, photography, graphic design, blogging, sport etc. But I don’t talk politics or religion. Or private things. I might say other facts about me, but nothing intimate. It’s no one’s business but my own. For specific topics, I only have opinions and short answers. Other issues I could talk about for hours. A shame; not many people want to know what I have to say. I don’t like talking about things just to talk. What most people are talking about doesn’t interest me. I don’t like networking because there is no soul in them. I like deep conversations. Unfortunately, people who want to do that don’t exist in real life. Without the internet, there would be no one to share thoughts with. It’s a wide, wide world. Blogging is a great way to express yourself when you are an introvert like me. It’s no point explaining what an introvert is to people who don’t want to understand. But that is a topic for another day.

Do what I tell you

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What’s a secret skill or ability you have or wish you had?

Daily Prompt

A skill or ability I wish I had would be mind control. Then I could tell people how to think. They would think the way I do. If I wrote a story, they would give me the comments I would give. They would like the photos that I post on Instagram. I would use mind control for the good. I wouldn’t want people to do anything terrible. I would tell people to stop the wars they started, like the one in Ukraine. Turn bad people into good.

Mind control would be useful in job search. If I wanted a job, I would get it. Employers would hire people much easier. If I sent an application for a job, I would get an interview. I wouldn’t have to wait for ages for a reply. Things would move faster if mind control could be used. Anything you apply for will get a solution faster. If you want a loan from a bank, you would get it, and you wouldn’t need to pay it back.

Mind control has its downsides, but what thing doesn’t. To keep things stay stable, you would need to speed things up. Certain things take too much time. Life is too short to wait. If I could use mind control, there wouldn’t be a disagreement. If I told them what to do, they would do it. If someone said to me what to do, I would only say no, and they would let it go. I’m sure there are parents who wish they had mind control so they would get their kids to do chores at home. But then again, if the kids would also use mind control, things wouldn’t be so good after all. In the end, having your own mind and thoughts is much better than having mind control.

Bleary mind

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Bleary mind

I have a bleary mind

But my mind has nothing to say

The Queen is gone, but I’m not

I only have a break from things

So much else to do

But I’m not sorry

Good things come for those who wait

I have a bleary mind at the moment

But that feeling won’t be here forever