A spangle or minimal theme

Made in Canva. Photo: ©️Mia Salminen

I have thought about changing the theme on this blog for a while. I haven’t found anything that suited my blog. I didn’t want a complicated layout. After looking for a new theme that wouldn’t mess up my blog, look wise. I finally found one. It’s called Penscratch 2. If I had to choose between a spangle or a minimal layout, I would choose the latter. I wanted a design that had two columns and that I would still have the same widgets.

There are so many themes to choose from, so it’s hard to know what suits your blog the best. A spangle is not always the best if you want to keep it simple. I think this theme I have is the best. It’s easy to manage, so I’ll keep it for some time.

Minimal chances

small man statueMinimal chances

I did it again and I know my chances are minimal

But I can’t help myself for looking at you

Every time I’m amazed and think are you for real

My chances are less than minimal because you’re far

We’ll never meet I know but I don’t won’t give up hope

I get minimal chances if you suddenly appear but ain’t happening

It’s only in my head you’re with me and I wish it was real

Some things are impossible to get and one of them is you

The only thing I can do is admire from a long distance

Therefore my minimal chances are low