No more The Daily Post

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So this is it then. Nothing lasts forever and so doesn’t The Daily Post. Let’s take a moment of a retrospective time that has passed. It’s gonna feel so empty when there won’t be any new daily prompt nor any of that anymore. I’ve read a few post and comments on other blogs saying it’s WordPress who ends The Daily Post. That’s not the case, right? It’s a decision The Daily Post made and not WordPress. Maybe I just confused things. They have become the same to me. Whatever the reason, it will be different from now on. At least they will have the archive online. But yet it won’t be the same. It might feel really sad and all that but we will get used to it. We need to find another way to post daily. The world is full of ideas. The daily prompt was a big help to get post ideas. They even taught me English words I didn’t even know existed. Now when that’s gone, I don’t think I can find new English words I don’t know as easy as it was with The daily prompt. Not forgetting the other challengers.

Before I started with the daily prompt, I did the weekly writing challenge. When that ended, I should have seen it was the beginning of the end. But no one can predict the future. Life is about survival. Things come and go. We might feel sad and depressed about it but life must go on one way or another. Everything can’t be the way we want it to be. Life is full of disappointments but we have to accept them. Some things you just can’t do anything about. One is trying to change a person’s mind. In this case The daily post. They made a decision to end it and we should live with that decision. There is life after this. We can always go back to old daily prompt. That’s what I’m gonna do. Maybe even use the same words. I’m probably repeating myself since I wrote about this already but I say it again.

I can’t thank you enough The Daily Post Crew for all that you have done for us bloggers. You’ve been a great teacher and I wish you all the best for the future. This might be the last end for you but for us, the journey continues. Last but not least. Sharing really is caring and it’s all because of the greatness you shared with us. Three big cheers for The Daily Post! 🙌 🙌 🙌

No rapid decisions found here

speedometer from an old shipWhen it comes to life choices my decision making is nothing but rapid. As a matter of fact, it’s really slow. Quite dead slow actually. It sometimes bugs me. I wish I could make up my mind a bit faster. I’m not impulsive at all. I don’t know what I’ll do the end of the week little less what I’ll do in 5 years. I really admire those who got it all figured it out. They’ve come much further than me. I’m still waiting for my train when others have already taken different trains. Get out of your comfort zone people say but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It doesn’t happen overnight. I can’t suddenly become brave and do something. It takes a lot of time and effort. I’m an introvert after all.

It’s soon a year ago since I graduated from web design and nothing has happened. I still have no job. I went to that entrepreneurship course but now I have nothing. Of course, I have that graphic design course in the Autumn. But I should have something else too besides that. I’ve just been passive lately. I sleep late and then half of the day is gone. It doesn’t help that the weather is getting warmer which makes me even lazier. I’ve got so much else to do so I don’t have the time. Or things that are more enjoyable to do then job search. This is where this decision making is slow. To be an entrepreneur or not. First I had difficulties to know what I occupation I should have and now this. I’m not good at neither. I should have found out what I wanted to do years ago but everything seemed so uninteresting. Now when I do know what I want to do, getting started is the hardest thing.

What is the hurry anyway? Do I miss the train of opportunities and I’ll never get anywhere as long as I live? Life is short but it’s not that short that you have to do things this second. If you want things done properly, it’s better doing it slowly. I might be in the shadows right now but that’s only because I’m waiting for my time. That time will come and if doesn’t too bad. I can settle for less. I don’t need to live a glamorous life to feel good. I don’t even like that kind of attention. I don’t make any rapid decisions so the world just has to wait.

Put up our sleeves and get started

sleeping cat

The subject might sound uptempo but this post is not exactly that. That was just an idea I got when I saw the word sleeve in The Daily Prompt. Actually, I thought about men who have their sleeves rolled up to their elbows that I find sexy 😀 But seriously. I never seem to get anything done or it takes slowly. Especially the beginning. I’m a thinker and a dreamer. When I start to do them I either give up because they don’t go the way I want or I don’t start at all. I only think what I could do but then I’m too lazy or too scared. It’s not like I’ve never done anything in my life. I have studied. They could have been in vain since I don’t have a job. At least I got up to do something and not only sitting on my fanny. Unfortunately, I don’t get appreciated for my efforts in real life. I’m not exactly a dream candidate for the employers. They want someone who talks a lot and entertains them. I don’t fit anywhere. They can keep their companies for all I care. It won’t make me feel down if I’m not wanted. It’s really their loss.

If things would only be much easier for me but I’m both introverted and suffer from mild ADD (attention deficit disorder). But it’s so mild I don’t even know I have it. At least my attention span is short and I have concentrating issues. The biggest problem is probably not being driven enough. I don’t make any goals because I know I don’t have enough of courage to fulfil them. I’m scared of getting out of my comfort zone. I like trying something new but taking the first step is always difficult for me. I take chances with small steps. But take my time to decide what to do. I can’t just pull up my sleeve and get started. At least I take control of my own life and I educate myself to be better.

helsinki design school merch
Helsinki Design School

I’ll begin studying graphic design in August. I wrote it here but I mention it on this blog too. It will be nice to learn something new. Even if I do study  I can do something else too. We only meet twice a month. I still can’t believe I got in so I think it will soak in when it begins. I did think about it for a while if I should apply or not. I did once before but I got lucky the second time. Some people might think I’m mad for studying in such an expensive school. But is staying at home and waiting for a miracle a better choice? Not so much. I want to do something and not just be. I’m been doing that for too long. I will still think before acting. If you want things done right, you should do it at your own pace.