Scars on this guitar

Bon Jovi is one of my favourite bands of all time. I liked them since the ’80s and they get better with age. This is a great example. It’s from their latest album ‘This house is not for sale’ Songs doesn’t need to be a lot of instruments. This is just Jon Bon Jovi and his guitar.

A personal note. When I was a child I applied to a guitar course but I didn’t get in. I bet I would be a much better player than the guy that lives below my dad’s flat. There is at least 3 kind of guitar players. Those who can play the guitar. Another is they can’t play at all and those who think they can play but they actually can’t. I had a classmate who could play but that guy below dad is not one of them. He’s also a terrible singer. Luckily he hasn’t played in a while. My ears say thanks.

Prince Charming

When I think of prince I think of Prince, the artist. But I also think of this video, Prince Charming by Adam Ant and The Ants. It’s typical 80’s music video. You can obviously see the clothing style but also the image quality of the video. Today, the quality is much better but the music videos have too many special effects in them. I wish they could make videos like they used to. You can still do a good video without all the digitality. They did it in the 80’s so why not now.