Stifle the blues

heart on snow

We all have our weaknesses. No human is perfect. We all have our bad days. If it’s about the weather or your life, you must find a way to stifle the blues away. The best thing is to do what you love. It doesn’t even need to be anything big. Taking a walk in a park can be very refreshing. Even watching your favourite movie or TV series can lift up your spirit. As long as you don’t fall into despair because then it’s harder to get up from it.

For me laughing is a good remedy. When I feel down I go to Youtube and watch funny videos. Not one of those vlogs and such though. More about classic comedies and yes even cat videos sometimes. Youtube is like Pringles, you watch one and then another. Soon you look at the time and realise how much time has passed. I go there no matter what mood I’m in.

The same goes with music. It makes you laugh, cry or dance away. For you who dance that is. Any kind of music you like lifts up your spirit. I’ve mentioned before in this blog that music is my first love. It has helped through bad times and made me feel better. Not a day goes by where I listen to music on the radio or online. I even have the radio on when I sleep. You don’t hear your neighbours when you have some sound in your bedroom. Singing along to my favourite songs is also a good medicine for the blues. Some old classics I still know the words to and I haven’t listened to them in years. It doesn’t even matter if I sing the wrong words. Singing is good too. It doesn’t matter if you can’t sing when doing it in your own home.

You don’t necessarily need entertainment to feel better. Seeing other smile and especially if they’re kids. Or animals. Do what you like best and don’t let others make you feel down. The song below one of my favourites because the lyrics are positive. It is a beautiful life and we shouldn’t forget it.



RIP Dolores O’Riordan

This week the music world faced another shock. The singer from ‘The Cranberries‘, Dolores O’Riordan passed away. It hasn’t been said what the cause of her death was. She was only 46 and she was full of life. It’s a shock for her family and band members but also for the fans. It’s such a shame people die when they still have years to live.

I remember when I studied for the first time in another city and the girls who lived in the room beside mine (and my roommate) kept playing the song ‘Zombie’ and at the time I didn’t like The Cranberries at all. It was only years later I began to like the band. How things change over the years. I wouldn’t call myself a fan but whenever I heard them on the radio, I didn’t change the channel.

My favourite song is ‘Salvation’ so I decided to post this video. She will be dearly missed.

RIP Dolores O’Riordan

Not that fashionable

fashionable clock

I can honestly say I’m not fashionable. I don’t follow fashion. I don’t dress to impress. I think most female clothes are ugly. Especially shoes. Yuck. I actually feel a bit envious of male shoes because they look normal. There can be ugly ones too though. I can’t understand how females can walk in those high heels. I can never find decent shoes in stores. I’ve been looking for summer shoes but everything is too sweaty or too ugly. Luckily the summer in Finland wasn’t that hot. Even though I don’t follow fashion, I know what looks good and I have found none. I wouldn’t be found dead in the kind of shoes they have these days. This summer ripped jeans were trending. I had one pair of those too. In the 90’s! They don’t look cool. It makes young people look like they have nothing else to put on. Don’t get me started on Crocs or UGG boots. It’s a fashion disaster. Fashion, in general, bores me to tears. No offence for those who does like it. It’s just isn’t for me.

Fashionable is not only clothing. It’s also in entertainment. Some people change favourites like they change underwear. They watch movies that are popular at the time. The same with music. I’m more loyal to my favourites. Sometimes I’m even behind some trends because I realise things slower than others. I think I wrote this one before but Marvel movies weren’t my thing when it was most popular. I still don’t care most of them. I only like Thor and Guardians of the galaxy. Thanks to certain actors. Others are blah. Of course, Marvel is always pop because of all of the new movies coming out. Please make them stop. Also, make all the sequels and new adaptions stop. Enough already. Make something new, please. I especially don’t understand all these Fast and furious movies. I watched one and that was enough. It was so dull. If I want to watch car racing, I watch a real one. That’s one fashionable movie thing I can’t understand. Hollywood is running out of ideas. I go and watch a movie if it’s interesting enough and not because it’s fashionable.

Music is another thing that I’m loyal to. I still listen to the same music I did when I was a child. They still sound good. I love Spotify for the reason that you can find old songs you haven’t heard for years. I have written in a notebook about the songs I liked and the songs I didn’t like. It started in 1993 until 2001. I searched for them on Spotify and I found a lot of them. They still sound great. There are some great songs today but nothing compared to the older songs. I don’t even search for new songs and the latest trends in music anymore. I have so many old favourites, I don’t really need new to stuff to listen to. Except from the bands and artists that have been around for years or decades. Their new music is always more than welcome.

The only fashionable trends I follow are in design and photography because that’s what matters to me the most. If I didn’t I would fall off the wagon, so to speak. If I want to work in the industry I have to be interested in what people like and maybe make up something new. I’m not an inventor so the latter might be difficult.
Fashionable or not, you should always keep up with the times. Things change so rapidly these days. Thanks to the internet, you find new information faster than before. It’s more of a guideline than an order you have to go by. I’m not that fashionable but I know what I like and respect other people’s opinions. That’s a trend everybody in the world should have.